Public Works Wastewater Division


Superintendant/Operations Supervisor
Jeff Klahre

Plant Operator II
John Geiling

Plant Operator I
Bryan Bocchi

Inflow/Infiltration Foreman
Andrew Morales

Pump Station Foreman
Shawn Peck

TV Truck Operator
Jacob Lesher

Biosolids Technicians
Charles Stouffer

Utility Worker I
Dalton Group
Greg Gerstner

Utility Worker II
Don Fink
Robert Travitz

Utility Worker III

Hampden Township's sewer system consists of approximately 180 miles of collection lines, 25 pumping stations, force, mains and an annual budget of $10.3 million.

Residents and commercial property owners who are experiencing a sanitary sewer blockage or backup are reminded to notify the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 761-7963 prior to calling a plumber. Staff will verify if the sewer main located in the street is open. If necessary, an inspection of the six-inch lateral from the sewer main to the curb right-of-way will be scheduled during normal business hours.

In addition to maintaining the operation of the wastewater treatment plant in accordance with both federal and state regulations, the Wastewater Division staff handles maintenance tasks to include:

Flushing, cleaning, and televising main lines

Air testing, and sealing when necessary, joints

Televising and inspecting laterals

Removing roots from laterals within the right-of-way

Inspecting manholes and replacing manhole risers

Assisting the Maintenance Division with lateral and mainline repairs