Role of Our Citizens

Stormwater Information for Our Citizens

Our citizens can help our efforts in water quality protection by watching and reporting:

  • Sediment run off at construction sites
  • Spills (Chemical, Gas, Oil)
  • Illegal dumping activity into streams or storm sewers (PLEASE CALL 911 FIRST)
  • Dry weather flows from outfall pipes into streams (72 hours after a rain storm)

By being alert to these items, you can help preserve this valuable natural resource for future generations. You can call Judy Robinson at (717) 761-0119 or email at

Storm Inlet Stenciling

Hampden Township would like to organize local citizens and community groups to stencil all of the Storm water inlets in the Township. By labeling the storm inlets, we can educate the public and remind everyone that anything that is dumped into the storm water system ends up in our waterways. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Judy Robinson at the Township Building (717) 761-0119. Let us know how may stencils you need and we can see that they are dropped off or mailed to you.