Snow Removal

Following are highlights from the Township's snow and ice emergency ordinance:

A "general" or "limited" snow emergency will be declared whenever street conditions are dangerous because of snow accumulation.

A "limited" emergency normally will be called when eight or more inches of snow is forecast. The emergency will continue for 24 hours after the snowfall ends or until cancelled by the Township Manager.

A "general" emergency will be declared under dire blizzard conditions.

Vehicles traveling in the Township during a general emergency must have four-wheel drive capability or be equipped with chains or snow tires (all season radial tires are not considered snow tires).

The parking of vehicles on any street, road or highway during a general or limited emergency is banned.

Following are snow removal priorities:

Plowing will begin when snow is three inches deep.

Top priorities are all main and secondary roads, including Orr's Bridge Road, Good Hope Road, Lamb's Gap Road, Salem Church Road, Creekview Road, Central Boulevard, Erb's Bridge Road, Skyport Road and Technology Parkway.

After the main roads are clear and remain passable, road crews will attempt to open the principle access road to each development. However, if main roads require additional attention, development plowing may have to be halted.

After the snow has stopped falling, plows will return to the developments to make a pass on each of the roads in each direction. Once all development roads are open, plows will return to widen them, if possible, to the curb.

Residents can help in three ways: don't travel unless necessary; don't shovel or blow snow onto plowed or treated streets (the Township has an ordinance that prohibits this, under penalty of law); and move your car off the street, so that plows have more room to operate. This is especially critical in cul-de-sacs.