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Sewer Rates

For information on the Township’s sanitary sewer system, see our Public Works Department Wastewater Division website.

Quarterly Sewer Rental Rates – 2022

Residential – $102.54 per quarter


Minimum charge $102.54 per quarter, billed by water consumption and/or number of employees; first eight employees or less $102.54 per quarter, each additional employee $13.63 per quarter.

Public/Private Schools

Minimum charge $102.54 per quarter, billed by total number of students and staff members at $7.00 each.

The Hampden Township Sewer Authority (Authority) has enacted Resolution 2015-01 establishing a Stormwater Management Fee (Fee) of $13.25 per Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) per quarter for all developed properties within the Township. All single family residential properties will be charged one ERU and all Non-Residential properties will be charged multiples of ERUs based on its total impervious surface. An ERU is equal to the average impervious surface of single family residential properties in Hampden Township and is calculated to be 3,534 square feet.

Residential Storm Sewer – $13.25 per quarter

Non-Residential Storm Sewer – $13.25 per Estimated Residential Unit

Additional details about the Township’s Stormwater initiatives can be found on the Township’s website as well at


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