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Each household is entitled to unlimited trash service on a weekly basis. Trash should be placed at the curbside no later than 6:30 a.m. on the day of collection but not earlier than 6:00 p.m. the night prior to collection day. Trash should be placed in durable containers, with handles, not exceeding 40 gallons and not exceeding approximately 60 pounds when filled. You may also use plastic bags for trash. Residents are entitled to weekly bulk-item pick-up (See our Bulk Item Pickup page for details).

If you need to dispose of cardboard boxes, just flatten, bundle and place with your regular trash.

Tree limbs, not exceeding six feet in length and three inches in diameter and securely bundled so that one person can easily handle, may be placed with your trash. Grass clippings may also be placed with your trash. Please click on Yard Waste Compost Facility for information on an alternative disposal method of yard waste.

Beginning March 1 through October 31:

Yard waste can also be collected, in a separate truck, by our waste contractor on your regular trash day, if bundled and placed on the curb. Each branch should be no longer than six feet and no more than five inches in diameter. If you place yard waste in a container (trashcan, cardboard box) the contractor will empty the container and place it at your curb. Please do not put yard waste in the same container as trash.

The following items will not be collected - building materials, such as lumber, concrete, bricks, etc., pressurized tanks, liquid paint and hazardous materials.

The current quarterly charge for trash service is $84.21.