Report an issue with a streetlight

Streetlights In Hampden Township

While Hampden Township pays the monthly utility costs for streetlights, PPL owns the lights and is responsible for repairs to or replacement of malfunctioning streetlights.

Residents may report non-operable streetlights to PPL at 1-800-342-5775. Residents may also submit a Citizen Request to the Township in order to report a problem with a streetlight. 

One of the most important items needed to report an issue with a streetlight is the Pole Number. The Pole Number is required to locate the exact pole with the problem. It is difficult to find a streetlight that does not function during the day when the lights are not on. The Pole Number is located on the streetlight about five feet from the ground on a metal tag. The Pole Number consists of five numbers followed by the letter ‘S' and another set of five numbers. The Pole Number is unique to each individual streetlight. Having the street address of a nearby home or business is not sufficient, the pole number must be reported to PPL or the Township.

pplpole-300x225The typical response time for PPL to address an issue with a streetlight is 15 business days.