Budget Memo

The 2022 municipal budget for Hampden Township was prepared with the input and scrutiny of all Department Heads along with a public work session conducted with the Hampden Township Board of Commissioners.

Following is a brief summary of the 2022 budget highlights.

General Fund
The 2022 General Fund projects a total annual estimated revenue amount of $20,014,202 which includes anticipated reserves.  In 2022, the total estimated operating expense for the General Fund is estimated to be $17,824,455.  Budgeted expenses within the General Fund account for realistic projections of anticipated annual increases in Township operating expenses along with a transfer of $5,000,000 to the Capital Improvement Fund.  The 2022 General Fund budget allows for the continuation of essential Police, Volunteer Fire, EMS and Public Works services along with offsetting the operating costs of other necessary Departments to include Administration, Community Development, Finance and Recreation without a need for an increase in the Real Estate Tax rate.  2022  marks the 45th consecutive year without an increase in the Real Estate Tax rate for Hampden Township.  

Capital Improvement Fund
The Capital Improvement Fund will meet the needs of the Township for the purchase of vehicles, equipment and materials, and to perform enhancements to and maintenance associated with Township roads, buildings, facilities, parks and other infrastructure.  Total Capital Improvement Fund expenditures are projected to be $12,176,630

Through the Capital Improvement Fund, the Township will also make payments on principal and interest associated with existing debt and provide for capital savings of future project and major equipment or building expenses.  

Sewer Revenue Fund
In 2021, the sanitary sewer rates were reduced by approximately 5 ¼% for the average residential rate payer.  The sanitary sewer rates will remain unchanged in 2022.  The operating revenue for this fund offsets the cost associated with the wastewater operations along with the repairs and upgrades to the Roth Lane Treatment Plant, compliance with permit mandates, maintaining numerous pump stations and the overall sanitary sewer system including replacement of existing sewer mains or addressing Infiltration and Inflow projects on existing sewer mains.  The budget also addresses payment for debt service on prior projects.  Total expenditures for this fund are estimated to be $15,258,160.

Sanitation Fund
This fund reflects all revenue and expenses associated with the required collection of solid waste and recycling within the Township.  The residential solid waste contract expense equals 90 percent of all revenue collected and the Township’s administrative expenses and operation of the yard waste recycling facility are covered by the remaining ten percent of revenue from this fund.  Rates for curbside solid waste and recycling services will not increase in 2022 due to a multi-year contract and rate lock with the lowest competitive bidder.  

Storm Sewer Fund
The Stormwater Management Fee Equivalent Residential Unit rate will, for the seventh year in a row, remain the same in 2022.  This fee, charged to all properties in the Township, will address the Township’s requirements for compliance with the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, the Chesapeake Bay Pollution Reduction requirements, overall maintenance of the Township’s storm sewer system, as well as, the annual leaf collection and street sweeping programs.  All payments collected as a result of the Stormwater Management Fee will be transferred to the Sewer Authority on a monthly basis.  

Highway State Aid Fund
In 2022, this fund includes state liquid fuel contributions which will amount to an estimated total revenue of $1,243,744, including reserves.  The fund will cover the costs of utilities for street lights and traffic signals throughout the Township and provide additional funding for necessary street resurfacing projects.

Armitage Golf Fund
Armitage Golf Club was once again recognized as Harrisburg Magazine’s Simply the Best in 2021! The operating cost associated with the Armitage Golf Club is completely offset by revenue generated from greens fees, cart rentals, restaurant operations and various other activities conducted at the facility.  No taxpayer dollars are allocated to the operation of Armitage Golf Club.

The 2022 operating budget will again allow for routine maintenance and operational expenses along with a number of necessary capital improvement projects and purchases to occur at Armitage Golf Club.

Pool Fund
The operating cost associated with the pool is completely offset by revenue generated from the sale of seasonal memberships, daily admission fees and various other programs conducted at the facility.  The membership and admission fees offset operating costs, capital improvement projects and debt service payments on past renovations to the pool complex.  

The entire 2022 operating and capital improvement budget reflects necessary expenditures and realistic estimates for revenue.  With this budget, Township Commissioners and the staff will be able to meet the needs of the residents and property owners and maximize the variety of services available to them.