Hampden Township Social Media Policy

The purpose of this Social Media Policy (“Policy”) is to establish guidelines and practices for the use and management of Hampden Township's social media outlets. The Township's use of social media is to augment and enhance our established print, signage and web communications with the public. The Township social media sites are not meant for comments that do not relate to the purpose or topic posted. User comments should directly relate to the information posted or displayed by the Township on the site.

Township social media sites are subject to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law. Any content maintained in a social media format is related to Township business, including lists of subscribers and posted communication, is a public record, except to the extent that such content includes information that is exempt from disclosure pursuant to the Right to Know Law. Users have no expectation of privacy or confidentiality with respect to any content they post to Township social media sites. The Township shall have full rights and permission to all posted content including digital photographs and videos.

Posts to Township social media will be monitored and reviewed. Solely at the discretion of the Township, comments which are found to be inflammatory, offensive, derogatory, threatening, intimidating, intending harm to any individual or organization or posted to advertise a business are prohibited. All social media posts that violate the terms of this policy may be subject to removal. Removed content shall be retained off-line and stored by the Township for a year. The Township may preclude access to social media to any individual who violates the terms of this policy on more than three occasions, or less than three occasions depending on the content of the post, without notice to such individual. The Township is not liable for inappropriate or offensive comments, any comments that are prohibited as noted above and the improper publication of confidential information that may be posted on social media.

Confidential information such as but not limited to: copyright/trademark information, HIPAA, personal information, and other information deemed by the Township to be confidential shall not be posted on social media. Employees who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination in accordance with the applicable employment policies and/or collective bargaining agreement.

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