Preparing for the next 50 years

Hampden Township is excited to announce that the Hampden Township Pool Renovation Project, a transformative endeavor aimed at revitalizing our cherished community pool and ensuring it continues to serve our residents for another fun-filled 50 years, kicked off this Fall after Labor Day!

“For decades, Hampden Township has worked tirelessly to maintain the pool's legacy as a beloved summer destination,” said Commissioner Nate Silcox, President of the Board.  “Now, with the pool reaching its 50th year, the time has come to evaluate and modernize the facility to meet current standards and elevate the overall recreational experience for all our community members.  We have been successful in obtaining several state grants that will help fund this project.

Public Workshop Sets the Wheels in Motion

Hampden Township conducted extensive public outreach meetings about the future of Hampden Pool.  The most recent meeting was held on July 10th, where community members had the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process for the Pool Complex Renovations.  The workshops served as a platform to take action on awarding the lowest bid contracts for the project, fostering transparency and public engagement.

Robust Response from Contractors

Competitive bids for the Pool Renovation Project were opened for public view on June 19, 2023, at 2:00 pm via the PennBid website.  The Township received bids from multiple contractors, with lowest responsive bids from:

  • General Contractor bids: East Coast Contracting, Inc. with a base bid of $2,778,000.00.
  • Mechanical Contractor bids: MidState Mechanical & Electrical, LLC with a base bid of $42,137.00.
  • Plumbing Contractor bids: MidState Mechanical & Electrical, LLC with a base bid of $118,378.00.
  • Electrical Contractor bids: Orbit Technologies Services with a base bid of $87,600.00.

Contract Awards and Grant Funding Secured

After careful evaluation and consideration, Hampden Township awarded four contracts, amounting to a total of $3,163,814.00, for various improvements to the existing infrastructure of the pool, which included the add alternate for construction of a new family changing room/restroom at a cost of $137,699.00.  These contracts will primarily address maintenance and improvements, with a notable addition of the new family bathroom/changing room.

It is important to highlight that Hampden Township has been highly successful in securing $2,380,000 in grant funding from four grants provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Cumberland County.  These grants have significantly reduced the financial burden on the municipality, making the renovation project feasible and accessible to all members of the community.

The Road Ahead

The Hampden Township Pool Renovation Project will commence after Labor Day, right when the pool closes for the season.  The construction is expected to be completed by Memorial Day 2024, in time for the next summer season.

A Promising Future

The Hampden Township Pool Renovation Project signifies a commitment to nurturing a vibrant and thriving community.  As we lay the foundation for these essential updates, we remain steadfast in our vision for a pool that embraces inclusivity, safety, and sustainability.  Additional improvements will be evaluated based on available funding from the Township budget or secured through additional grants.  Hampden Township looks forward to unveiling the transformed pool and inviting everyone to experience the joy and excitement it will bring to our community.


posted april 17, 2024
Family Changing Room Paint - Copy

Gutter 1 - Copy

Gutter 2 - Copy

Gutter 3 - Copy

posted march 12, 2024
Sandblast 1

Sandblast 2

Sandblast 3

posted february 22, 2024
Pool Walls 1

Pool Walls 2

Pool Walls 3

Pool Walls 4

Pool Walls 5

Sand Filters

Family Changing Room 1 (3)

Family Changing Room

Shotcrete 1 - Copy

Shotcrete 2

Shotcrete 3
Shotcrete application for new pool walls.

Footers Poured for Family Changing Room
Footers poured for new family changing room addition.

Posted December 5, 2023
Pool Walls Framing 4 - Copy - Copy

Pool Walls Framing 2 - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy

IMG_1412 - Copy
Rebar installed for new pool walls and framing complete.

Main Drains-Deck View
Main Drain Boxes Placed in Diving Well

Posted October 20, 2023

Pool Overview 10.20.23 
Overview of Gutter Replacement Portion of Project

Gutter Pic - Copy
Gutter Work on Bathhouse Side of Pool

Wall Pieces 10.20.23
Portions of Wall removed for Gutter Replacement

Family Change Room Excavation 10.18.23
Future Location of Family Change room