Conodoguinet Youth Park

This 8 Acre park includes the following amenities:

Conodoguinet Youth Park Rules

  1. The park is open from April 1 - October 31
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  3. Unauthorized motor vehicles of any type are prohibited.
  4. There is to be no parking in areas not designated for the purpose of parking. No motor vehicles may be driven in the park area, except emergency vehicles, Township personnel or those receiving prior permission.
  5. Entry and exit for the facility shall be limited to the Orr's Bridge Road access.
  6. Reservations for organized events, to include overnight camping, are required and will be administered by the Hampden Township Recreation Department.
  7. Persons using the facility are responsible and liable for any damages incurred during their use. Willful destruction of equipment or property shall result in revocation of privileges and restitution damages.
  8. Persons using the facility may not remove tables, trash receptacles or other park property. Please make sure lights and water are turned off before leaving.
  9. Do not litter park grounds. Place refuse in the proper containers. Groups are responsible for cleaning the tables and general area before leaving.
  10. Fires are permitted only in grills or fireplaces. Permission needs granted to utilize the fire ring.
  11. Persons using the facility shall conduct themselves with appropriate decorum giving regard to the surrounding residential area.
  12. The use of explosives or the discharge of any type of air gun, air rifle or slingshot is prohibited.
  13. Archery is prohibited.
  14. Washing and waxing vehicles are prohibited.
  15. Organized sports, not related to the approved activity, are prohibited.
  16. If warnings of upcoming flood watches are published, the park shall be posted and no one will be allowed in the area.

Address: 515 Orrs Bridge Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17050