Stormwater Permit

When do I need a Stormwater Permit?
A Stormwater Management Permit must be obtained when there is an increase in impervious area of 1,000 square feet or greater.  The Stormwater Permit needs to be reviewed and approved prior to issuance of a Building and/or  Zoning Permit.

Activities which are considered exempt from Sections 303, 304, and 401 of the codified ordinances  may still require a stormwater management permit from the Township.

Stormwater Management permits will be required for the following activities:

An increase in the impermeable area on a property that requires management of the increased stormwater runoff.
Construction or repair of any Storm Water Management (SWM) facilities not otherwise covered by a Land Development or Stormwater Site plan.
Modification of existing SWM facilities.
Any maintenance activity on an existing SWM facility that involves earthmoving, replacement of pipe and replacement of other structures (end walls, head walls etc.).
New connections to an existing stormwater conveyance system.
Other conditions may apply.
A fee and escrow in amounts set by resolution of the Board Commissions must be submitted prior to issuance of a permit.

Stormwater Management Permit Application
Stormwater Operations and Maintenance Agreement
Stormwater Ordinance