Report A Pollution Incident

If you observe an environmental problem or an illicit discharge into the Township’s storm sewer system, please report it immediately by one of the listed methods.

Normal business hours:

  • In person at the Municipal Building at 230 S. Sporting Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Call the Township Office  at (717) 761-0119, Dennis Heisey, MS-4 Coordinator
  • Web link: Civic live citizen request

Outside  normal business hours or weekends:

 If it appears to be an emergency, please call 911.

What is an illicit discharge?

An illicit discharge is defined as any discharge other than stormwater released into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). 

Types of illicit discharges include:

  • Waste oil, antifreeze, paint, or chemicals
  • Car wash, laundry, chlorinated pool waters  and  industrial wastewater
  • Spills on roadways from  accidents
  • Failing septic systems and illegal dumping practices
  • Improper disposal of sewage from recreational vehicles

Water that enters storm inlets is not treated at the Township’s wastewater plant;  it is piped directly to the waterways.

how storm inlet  works