Police Department Information

Department Mission Statement:
The mission of the Hampden Township Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to enhance the quality of life in Hampden Township by providing quality police services with courtesy, fairness, impartiality and to continually promote and preserve a sense of security and safety for all citizens within Hampden Township.

The values of the Hampden Township Police Department provide professional, compassionate and effective police services to the residents and visitors of Hampden Township as a means to enhance and maintain the high quality of life in our community. 

These values are: 
Equality- application of the law and services without respect to race, sex, color, creed or condition. 
Service- devoting our efforts, resources, skills and selves to helping and others. 
Integrity- conducting our duties honestly, transparently and ethically. 
Respect- demonstrating due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others. 
Courage- displaying strength and determination in the face of danger and fear. 
Honor- adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct.