Hampden Township Police Personnel

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7 am to 5 pm
Saturday 8 am to Noon

All other hours by appointment: (717) 761-2609

Chief of Police: Steven Junkin  sjunkin@hampdentownship.us

Operations Lieutenant: Shaun Felty   sfelty@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 202
CID Lieutenant: Richard Nulty   rnulty@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 209

Detective: Mary C. Hottenstein   mhottenstein@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 220
Detective: Thomas Burfeind   tburfeind@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 225
Detective: Robert Higgins   rhiggins@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 223

Sergeant: Nathaniel Funk   nfunk@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 210
Sergeant: Crawford Gingrich   cgingrich@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 218
Sergeant: Derrick Siegfried   dsiegfried@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 205
Sergeant: Michael Winkelman   mwinkelman@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 215

Officer: Bradley Corliss   bcorliss@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 217
Officer: Jonathan Dudek   jdudek@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 216
Officer: Shawn Fullerton   sfullerton@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 207
Officer: Jason Groller   jgroller@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 221
Officer: Matthew Grunden   mgrunden@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 224
Officer: Ernest Jenkins   ejenkins@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 214
Officer: Jason Julseth   jjulseth@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 222
Officer: Rachel Mandrusiak    rmandrusiak@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 206
Officer: Michael McIntyre   mmcintyre@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 219
Officer: Johannes Notz   jnotz@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 203
Officer: Joshua Pressel   jpressel@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 208
Officer: Coleen Redifer   credifer@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 226
Officer: William Toth   wtoth@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 213
Officer: Justin Wright   jwright@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 204
Officer: Jason Yeager   jyeager@hampdentownship.us   Ext. 227

Civilian Support II (Full-time): Trisha McClain-Myers

Civilian Support I (Full-time): Michelle Watts


Police Department Organization

Chief of Police

The Chief is the head of the Police Department. He oversees the planning and operations of the entire Police Department.

Administrative Division

The administration consists of the Chief of Police, a Captain,  two Lieutenants, and Civilian staff members. Currently the Captain’s position remains unfilled. The department has two Lieutenants who assist the Chief in the administration of the police department. One Lieutenant commands Patrol Operations while the other oversees the Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

Two Civilian employees, one full time and one part time, assist with the administrative functions. Their primary function is to maintain the department records, informational systems in the police department, greet and assist visitors, maintain files for accreditation purposes, and other assignments from time to time.

Criminal Investigation Division

Three investigators staff this unit of the Police Department. Their duties include extensive follow-up investigations of crimes, crime scene processing, and assisting in preventative planning. They also coordinate the Police Department’s cases with other local, state, and federal agencies.

The department currently has a member assigned to the Cumberland County Drug Task Force and is under CID Chain of Command.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the unit that contains the bulk of the manpower of the police department. The Patrol Division consists of four squads of officers who maintain 24-hour patrol of the community. Each squad's make up at optimum manpower is one Sergeant and four police officers. Their duties include patrol efforts in neighborhoods, answering calls for service, conducting initial investigations into traffic complaints, traffic enforcement, and accident investigation.

The department has a member assigned to Motor Carrier inspections and enforcement.  This officer works part-time in ensuring our roadways are protected against unsafe vehicles and drivers.  He also has the ability to weigh commercial vehicles which protects against overweight vehicles from damaging our roadways.

Dispatch Center

The Police Department is dispatched through the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety located in Carlisle. Residents and visitors have 24/7/365 access to the police department by either stopping on station and meeting with a CSS member or by using a phone that connects directly to the dispatch (911) center.



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