Peddler's and Solicitor's Permit Reminder

Peddler's and Solicitor's Permit Reminder
Posted on 06/25/2018

Hampden Township requires a Peddler’s and Solicitor’s Permit for anyone engaged in door-to-door sales of merchandise, goods and services, subscriptions or any other type of sale including taking orders for future delivery. Peddling and soliciting is prohibited any day of the week before 9 a.m. and after 8 p.m.

Individuals and organizations in need of a permit must apply at the Township Building, 230 S. Sporting Hill Road. There is a 30-day waiting period following all applications. A 30-day permit costs $25. A one-year permit is $100. Please be aware that a peddling and soliciting permit does not grant the right to set up a stand or fixed display on a street or sidewalk.

If a permit is approved, the Township will give the applicant a photo ID. Residents may ask peddlers to show their ID to prove that a permit has been issued.
When the Township issues a Peddler’s and Solicitor’s Permit it is not an endorsement of the quality or safety of the product. The purpose of the permit is to allow the
Police Department to conduct a background check and to have contact information on file if a complaint about an individual or organization is received by a resident. If the individual can’t display a ID issued by Hampden Township, he/she is not authorized to engage in door-to-door sales. Contact the police to notify them of the fact that a person is performing unauthorized soliciting in Hampden Township if they don’t present a Hampden Township issued ID.

For immediate response and emergency situations, residents are reminded to call 911.

If you have concerns about an individual, group or organization soliciting at your home or in your neighborhood, please call 911 or contact the Cumberland County non-emergency dispatch center at 238-9676 or the Hampden Township Police Department at their non-emergency phone number of 761-2609.

Additional information about the Township’s Peddler’s and Solicitor’s Permit requirements can be found on our website at

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