Current Plans and Proposed Text Amendments

Zoning Map Amendment for eight (8) properties located at the Southwest corner of the intersection of Good Hope Rd and Wertzville Rd from Residential Country (RC) to Commercial Park Limited (CPL) submitted by Good Hope Ventures GH,LP  (Proposal)

Overlands of Atizazul & Tahmina Mansoor and Hampden Summit Homeowners Association. (View Map)

Preliminary Land Development and Subdivision Plan for the Hampden-Camp Hill Sheetz Store (Site Plan)

Presentation and possible motion to refer to the Planning Commission a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 27, Part 17, Sections 1721.3.C, 1721.3.E and 1721.4 (Sign Regulations) for Office Park “Commercial Uses”.  Request submitted by Provco Pinegood Tech Parkway, LLC for a proposed Wawa convenience store to be located along Technology Parkway (Lot 4A). (View Amendment) (Revised Amendment) (Approval Letter)

Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Hyatt at Hampden, located at 4640 and 4660 Mount Zion Drive (Site Plan)

Preliminary Subdivision and Land Development Plan for The Residences on Trindle, located at 5157, 5163, and 5165 East Trindle Road (Site Layout) (Site Plan)