Action Items

At its August 1, 2019 Meeting, the Board of Commissioners took the following actions to:  

Approve Ordinance No. 2019-10, amending Chapter 22 of the Township of Hampden Code of Ordinances by adopting a revised Stormwater Management Ordinance.

Approve a time limit extension until August 30, 2019 for the Final Land Development Plan for Brambles West located at the end of Crossgate Drive, Planning Commission File #19-04-01 with the understanding that the applicant will, in the meantime, communicate with PennDOT in an effort to obtain approval to use Crossgate Drive to access the Carlisle Pike, contact Cumberland Valley School District about a location for a school bus stop and seek confirmation from the Hampden Township Sewer Authority that Pump Station #5 can provide sanitary sewer service for the proposed development. 

Approve scheduling a Public Hearing on September 26, 2019 for a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Chapter 27, Section 16-A-3, Table M-U.1 regarding permitted uses in the Mixed Use Zoning District. Request submitted by 4444 Carlisle Pike, LP. 

Deny a request to schedule a Public Hearing for consideration of a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Chapter 27, Section 16-A-3, Table M-U.1 and Table M-U.2 regarding permitted uses and conditional uses in the Mixed Use Zoning District. Request submitted by 4444 Carlisle Pike, LP. 

Accept an offer for a time limit extension until October 30, 2019 from Advantage Engineering Services, LLC for the Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for Jasper Ridge, Planning Commission File #19-05-01.

Approve reduction of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Site Improvement Bond No. SNN4010135 from $4,201,504.94 to $1,319,931.20 for work completed associated with the Hampden Greene project.

Approve release of inspection escrow balance for Street Cut Permit No. 2017-82 - 260 Salem Church Road in the amount of $3,290.00; project is complete.

Ratify the purchase and installation of a new five-ton HVAC unit for the Armitage Meeting Room from Comfort Tech, Inc., at a cost not to exceed $10,200.00.

Authorize purchase of a Toro Multi-Pro sprayer from Turf Equipment and Supply Company at a cost not to exceed $26,850.00 through Co-Stars, contingent upon Fleet Division staff satisfactory inspection.

Approve Ordinance No. 2019-09, establishing sewer use charges for residential connections tributary to specific pumping stations.

Approve acquisition of two windrow leaf turners and trailers from Cumberland County Recycling & Waste Department in the amount of $750.00, contingent upon approval by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Approve Pay Estimate No. 1 in the amount of $65,144.70 to Pennsy Supply, Inc, for work associated with the 2019 Street Resurfacing Project.

Award the 2019 road line painting project to Alpha Space Control, Inc., at a cost not to exceed $7,700.00 through the CAPCOG bid.

Conditionally appoint, as soon as practical, Rachel Mandrusiak to serve a one-year, probationary period of employment in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Hampden Township Police Association Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Policies and Procedures Manual, as applicable, who has been certified to the July 23, 2019 Eligibility List by the Hampden Township Civil Service Commission. Compensation to be set at the hourly rate in effect at that time. The conditional appointment is contingent upon satisfactory polygraph, physical and psychological medical examinations to be conducted by WorkNet and Dr. Louis B. Laguna respectively. Except as otherwise provided in the collective bargaining agreement, nothing in this conditional appointment shall create a contract of employment for any period of time.

Approve a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cumberland Valley School District to provide a School Resource Officer, at their expense, contingent upon the School Board accepting the terms of the agreement as provided by the Township.

Accept the voluntary demotion of Sergeant Shawn Fullerton to the position of patrol officer upon the condition that the Memorandum of Understanding for a School Resource Officer is executed by Hampden Township and the Cumberland Valley School District and that the Chief of Police would assign Patrol Officer Fullerton as a School Resource Officer.

Accept the voluntary resignation of Rodney Copenhaver, Sr., Network Technician, effective July 19, 2019 and authorize advertisement to fill the position.

Ratify the hiring of seasonal and part-time employees for the EMS, Recreation, Armitage Pro Shop and Public Works Departments.

Approve Resolution No. 2019-19, commending Lieutenant Richard Nulty for his recent graduation from the FBI National Academy.

Approve Resolution No. 2019-20, reaffirming the adoption and use of the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Approve Resolution No. 2019-21, authorizing disposition of specific public records.

Authorize advertisement of an ordinance approving an intermunicipal agreement with East Pennsboro Township for mutual fire and rescue services.

Authorize advertisement of the 2019/2020 Junior Commissioner Program.

Approve an Adopt-A-Highway agreement with Appalachia Technologies, LLC for Orr's Bridge Road between Memory Lane and Armitage Golf Club.

Authorize advertisement of the residential solid waste and recycling services contract for 2020 through 2022.

Approve payment applications certified by architect and recommended for payment by staff for the New Municipal Building in the following amounts:  eci Construction – Pay App #1 - $265,508.41; Myco Mechanical – Pay App #1 - $27,090.00; Stouffer Mechanical – Pay App #1 - $5,850.00 and eci Construction – Pay App #2 - $80,015.90.

Approve Change Order #1 to eci Construction in the amount of $7,664.00 for the New Municipal Building.

Approve waiving the sanitary sewer tapping fee for the New Municipal Building.

Approve a contract with Findley Contractors to install pavement for a walking path extension from Indian Creek to Sear’s Run Road, with Township staff purchasing the pavement through Co-Stars, as well as Township staff performing operations necessary to cut the path and install the base at a total cost of $17,500.00.

Authorize advertisement by the Township Solicitor to establish park regulations for Srouji Park.

Authorize staff to send out Requests for Proposals for work for the Commonwealth Financing Authority Multimodal Grant.

Ratify Resolution No. 2019-22 for a Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant.

Approve an annual subscription for website ADA compliance review from Dubbot, LLC in the amount of $3,500 per year, Co-stars vendor and lowest of four competitive quotes.

Authorize advertisement of the Assistant Golf Professional position at Armitage Pro Shop.

Approve the Comcast cable contract renewal for various Township facilities.

Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of July 2019.

The next Board of Commissioners meeting is to be held on August 29, 2019.

Approve a new fee structure for the EMS Subscription:  Individual - $90; Two Person Household - $135.00; Household (3-4 people) - $175.00; Household (5-6 people) - $200.00 and Household (7 or more) - $20.00 for each additional individual.

Approve Resolution No. 2019-23 urging public awareness meetings by Hazardous Liquids Pipeline Operators.

Approve sending a letter to state officials regarding opposition to House Bill 1400.

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