Emergency E-mail Alert System

This is a voluntary distribution list which residents may place their e-mail address on in order to receive "emergency" notifications via e-mail from the Township. You will only be required to provide your e-mail address and you may unsubscribe from the service at any time. Your e-mail address will remain confidential. You will be notified in the future if any additional "non-emergency" notifications will be sent out and you will have the option to not subscribe to those notices.

If you would like to subscribe to this Emergency Notification List enter your e-mail address below and click the subscribe now button. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address asking you to confirm your desire to subscribe to this service. You must follow the directions in the e-mail to complete the enrollment process in this service.

Emergency E-mail Alert System

Security Measure

All subscribe/unsubscribe requests must be confirmed via email.

After you subscribe to our service if you have not received your confirmation email check your spam filter. The email will arrive from hampden@hampdentownship.us

Examples of emergency e-mail alerts which Hampden Township may notify you of through this service include:

  • Possible Flooding or High Water
  • Road Closures due to construction, inclement weather or other type of emergency
  • Township Services Closed or Delayed due to inclement weather or other type of emergency


The South Central Task Force ("SCTF") is announcing the roll out of its new public mass notification system, South Central Alert.

This system allows emergency responders to notify the general public about urgent situations requiring the public's action, whether to evacuate or "shelter in place". This unique system allows the general public to list up to five locations they want to be notified about in times of urgent need. The public can also list up to ten different methods, such as cell phones, home phones, work phones, text messaging and email to be notified of these alerts.

Since 9/11, one of the key tasks handed down by the Department of Homeland Security to the local responders is the ability to get information to the public in time of need. This system helps the SCTF get closer to achieving this goal, however, the system only works at its maximum capacity if the public signs up, either online at: Click here to register online or through paper sign ups at libraries, community events and community centers.

When this system is used, the public will be provided with important urgent information about the event and later receive important follow up information as the event proceeds or comes to an end.

It is vitally important that as we continue to reach towards our goals of being able to reach the public in times of needs, that the public realizes how important this system is for their benefit, as well as, the benefit of the emergency response community.

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