Recreation Dept Awarded State Grant for VRC Park

On November 22, 2019, Hampden Township received notice that it was awarded a $102,500 grant through the Community Conservation Partnerships Program for improvements to the Hampden Township Veterans Park.  Hampden Township will contribute an additional estimated $102,500 toward the total project cost.

The grant will help fund additional development to the Veterans Park to include a shelter, comfort station, walking bridge, landscaping and paths connecting to existing amenities.  DCNR states that it “is committed to building community conservation partnerships with local governments and nonprofit organizations to protect critical natural areas and open space, develop greenways and trails, provide quality park, recreation and conservation opportunities, and to improve the quality of life in Pennsylvania’s communities”. 
The Veterans Park is supported by the Hampden Township Veterans Recognition Committee, who have done extensive fundraising to develop the park.  Recreation Director, Mike Erno, indicates that “It is a beautiful addition to our community’s park system”, and that the “additional development will only bolster the usability of the parkland”.

Hampden Township Board of Commissioners are pleased with the improvements that have already been made to the park and are supportive of additional improvements through use of this grant and Township provided matching funds.  The park will serve to recognize the service of all veterans and to meet the recreational needs of the community.