Chapter 27 - Part 9 - O-P, Office-Park




§901.            PURPOSE. 

The purpose of the O?P, Office?Park District is to provide a suitable environment for business, professional, financial and governmental offices adjacent to or conveniently accessible to major transportation corridors.  Office-Park commercial uses should be integrated with the other uses within the office park development by architectural controls and uniform design of such external features as signage, lighting and walkways.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §900; as amended by Ord. 98-6, 5/28/1998, §1A)



All applications for permits, pursuant to this Part, shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer, who shall have the option of submitting such applications to the Planning Commission or to the Township Board of Commissioners for recommenda­tions prior to issuing a permit.   

(Ord. 8­4?2, 3/29/1984, §901; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985, and Ord. 15-06, 4/2/2015)


§903.           PERMITTED USES. 

A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes and no other:

A.       Child day care center, private nursery or kindergarten.

B.       Public utilities and facilities.

C.       Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) pursuant to Chapter 27, 1818, § et seq. (Ord. 20-09)

D.      Municipal buildings and/or uses.

E.       Commercial and public recreation facilities, playgrounds and parks.

F.       Educational instruction and schools, colleges and universities, public and private, including accessory uses.

G.      Business, professional offices and office complexes.

H.      Medical clinics, dental clinics and laboratories or hospitals, medical clinic or medical buildings, pharmacies located in a medical clinic or medical building where limited to the dispensing of medicine, drugs and prescriptions.  Offices of licensed practitioners of the healing arts (including all disciplines and specialties), surgeons, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, veterinarians and similar practitioners.

I.        Banks, investment brokers and finance agencies.

J.        Studios for instruction in music, arts, science, radio and television.

K.      Newspaper printing and publishing.

(1)      The printing equipment for such use shall be highly automated and electronically driven, be entirely contained within a building and shall not cause adverse environmental or noise impacts outside of the building.

(2)      All loading docks and all parking lots or portions thereof devoted (a) to the parking of trucks used by any business enterprise in its operations or (b) for shipping and receiving shall be screened from view from adjacent properties and from public streets by an earthen berm and landscape screen.

(3)      The screening shall comply with the requirements of §1702, "Buffer Yards and Screen Planting," provided that an effective visual barrier shall be provided within 2 years of planting. [Ord. 96-6]

L.       Office Park Commercial.

(1)      A lot developed as an office park commercial use may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes and no other as a self-contained use:

(a)      Hotel or residential hotel. [Ord. 2017-05]

(b)      Restaurants, tea rooms, cafes and other similar places serving food or beverage including those offering "in-car," "drive-in" or service outside of the building. [Ord. 2017-05]

(c)      Convenience stores, with or without fuel dispensing facilities; provided, that there are no more than eight vehicle fueling posi­tions.

(d)      Daycare center.

(e)      Personal services, such as, but not limited to, barber shops, beauty shops, custom tailor shops, dressing making, dry cleaning shops (where cleaning is done off of the premises), shoemaking and repair shops, when primary service or service and sale shops are not manufacturing plants.

(f)      Commercial uses serving the community, including but not limited to, such uses as retail drug stores, food sales, wearing apparel shops, and similar uses, but not to include such uses as auto and home appliance sales and service, department stores, furniture sales, self-service laundries or hand laundries.

(g)      Medical Marijuana Dispensary, subject to compliance with all Pennsylvania statutory laws and regulations and Hampden Township zoning and land use requirements. [Ord. 2017-09]

(2)      Office park commercial uses shall be located within an office park, which is identified as the contiguous area within an approved preliminary subdivision plan, or either added to or across a local access street from the area of an approved preliminary subdivision plan for an office park, which total office park contains a minimum of 100 acres.

(3)      The area for the office park commercial uses shall not exceed 15% of the total area of the office park including the area of the approved prelimi­nary subdivision plan, plus any additional area which includes the office park commercial uses, with a maximum total area of 20 acres devoted to office park commercial uses out of the total area of the office park.

(4)      Office park commercial uses shall be located within 2,500 feet of the center of an interchange for an interstate highway or freeway.

(5)      Office park commercial uses shall not have direct access onto the arterial street or collector street which forms the interchange within the interstate highway or freeway.

(6)      Land development plans for office park commercial uses shall contain a note as to how the plan meets the purpose of the Office-Park District in §901.

(7)      Office park commercial uses may not be developed until approved land development plans representing 10% of the total area of the office park have been recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds.  No more than 75% of the maximum area permitted to be developed until approved and development plans representing 25% of the total area of the office park have been recorded with the County Recorder of Deeds.

(8)      No individual use shall occupy greater than 35,000 square feet of building area, except for hotels or residential hotels.

(9)      No hotel or residential hotel shall be erected to a height in excess of 60 feet.[Ord. 98-6]

M.       Churches or similar places of worship, parish houses and convents [Ord 11-09]

N.      Adult Day Care Facilities, subject to the requirements of Section 1821 [Ord 12-04]

O.      Non-Residential Solar Energy System [Ord.13-07]

P.       Senior Living Facility. [Ord. 15-12]

Q.      Accessory uses on the same lot and customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses. [Ord. 2016-05]

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §902; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §8(A); by Ord. 93-21, 12/7/1993, §2; by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §8; by Ord. 96-6, 9/23/1996, §1; and by Ord. 98-6, 5/28/1998, §1), Ord 11-09 9/27/11, Ord. 12-04.06/28/2012, Ord. 13-07, 08/29/2013, by Ord. 15-12, 08/27/2015, by Ord. 2016-05, 09/01/2016, by Ord. 2017-05, 06/01/2017, and by Ord. 2017-09, 07/27/2017)



  1. Building height shall be limited to fifty (50) feet at the building line.

  2. However, building height may be increased so that the height of any portion of a building may be increased one (1) foot for each additional one (1) foot that said portion of the building is set back from the building line of the abutting
    residential zone in excess of the minimum required.

  3. In no case shall a building height exceed one hundred (100) feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §903; as amended by Ord. 14-07, 5/29/14)



No building shall be erected to a height in excess of 100 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §904)



The lot area shall be not less than 40,000 square feet and lot width shall be not less than 150 feet at the street line.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §905)



1.       The maximum lot coverage of any lot in this zoning district shall be 60% of the total area of said lot less any addi­tion­al area required to be free of impervious material as part of the stormwater management facilities required by this Township. 

2.       Any portion of a lot not covered with impervious material and not required to be otherwise developed as part of the stormwater management facilities required by this Township shall be planted and maintained with vegetative material. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §906; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985)



Each lot shall have yards of not less than the width and depth indicated below:

A.       Front yard ? 80 feet.

B.       Side yards ? each 40 feet.

C.       Rear yard ? 40 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §907)



Buildings shall be spaced no less than 50 feet apart when located on the same lot. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §908)



A buffer yard of at least 20 feet in width shall be required whenever a permitted use abuts a residential use in the Township or in an adjacent municipality.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §909; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985)



1.       No accessory building shall be permitted in the front yard areas.

2.       An accessory building shall not exceed one story in height or 15 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §910)



1.       Off?street parking shall be provided in accordance with Part 20, "Off?Street Parking," of this Chapter.

2.       All parking shall be located at least 8 feet from any building or structure and 10 feet from any street right?of-way line.  Curbing shall be installed to enforce this require­ment.  [Ord. 92-5]



The following conditional uses and no other may be allowed by the Township Board of Commissioners after recommendations by the Planning Commission, pursuant to the express standards and criteria set forth in Part 19 of this Chapter. 

  1. Medical Clinics-Limited.
  2. Helistops.[Ord. 2017-12]

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §911; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §8(B); by Ord. 08-07, 06/26/2008, §4 and by Ord. 2017-12, 08/31/2017)