Chapter 27 - Part 6 - R-C, Residential-Country




§601.  PURPOSE. 

The purpose of the R?C Residential?Country District is to protect and stabilize the natural resources of these designated areas; to conserve the land for a combination of agricultur­al and horticultural uses; to promote and encourage a safe and health­ful environment for family life; to preserve open space; and to permit low densi­ty residential development which will not require extensive public services or facilities and to otherwise create condi­tions condu­cive to carrying out these and other broad purpos­es of this Chapter. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §601)



A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes and no other:

A.       Single family, detached dwellings.

B.       Family day care home.

C.       Public utilities and facilities.

D.      Municipal buildings and/or uses.

E.       Public parks, playgrounds and open spaces.

F.       Agriculture, horticulture, truck gardening, riding academies, public and private stables. [Ord. 2017-10]

G.      No-impact home-based business.  [Ord. 02-06]

H.      Open space development pursuant to §1820 of this Chapter.

I.        Accessory uses on the same lot and customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses. [Ord. 2016-05]

J.        Wind turbines permitted by special exception.  [Ord. 09-01]

K.      Outdoor wood-fired boilers in accordance with the provisions of Section 1725.  [Ord. 09-02]

L.       Residential Solar Energy System [Ord. 13-07]

M.      Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) pursuant to Chapter 27, 1818, § et seq. (Ord. 20-09)

(Ord. 84-2, 3/29/1984, §602; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §5; and by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §5; by Ord. 02-06, 11/6/2002, §3; by Ord. 04-05, 5/27/2004, §I(F); by Ord. 09-01, 01/29/2009, §3; by Ord. 09-02, 01/29/2009, §2, by Ord. 13-07, 08/29/2013, by Ord. 2016-05, 09/01/2016, and by Ord. 2017-10, 07/27/2017)



The following conditional uses and no other may be allowed by the Township Board of Commissioners after recommendations by the Planning Commission, pursuant to the express standards and criteria set forth in Part 19 of this Chapter.

A.       Churches or similar places of worship, parish houses and convents and cemeteries.

B.       Schools, libraries and museums.

(Ord. 84-2, 3/29/1984, §603; as amended by Ord. 92-3, 1/30/1992, §1; by Ord. 94-14, 12/1/1994, §2; by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §5; and by Ord. 04-05, 5/27/2004, §I(G))



No building shall be erected to a height in excess of 35 feet; provided, however, that this height may be increased 1 foot for each additional foot that the width of each yard exceeds the minimum required.  All yards shall ex­ceed the minimum by the number of feet proposed to be added to the maximum height of 35 feet. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §604)



A lot area of not less than specified below shall be required:

A.       Lot area and width with public sewer:  each single family, de­tached dwelling shall be located on a lot with an area of not less than 30,000 square feet and lot width of not less than 100 feet along the street line and not less than 150 feet at the building line. 

B.       Lot area and width with no public sewer:  each single family, detached dwelling shall be located on a lot with an area of not less than 40,000 square feet and a lot width of not less than 100 feet along the street line and not less than 150 feet at the building line. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/84, §605; as amended by Ord. 84?7, 7/3/1984; and by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985)



1.       The maximum lot coverage of any lot in this zoning district shall be 20% of the total area of said lot less any addi­tion­al area required to be free of impervious material as part of the stormwater management facilities required by the Township. 

2.       Any portion of a lot not covered with impervious material and not required to be otherwise developed as part of the stormwater management facilities required by this Township shall be planted and maintained with vegetative material. 

3.       For any subdivision of two or more lots which provides a minimum of 20 percent of the subdivided tract in contiguous permanent open space in a configuration approved at the sole discretion of the Board of Commissioners, the maximum lot coverage of any lot in the subdivided tract may be 40 percent of the total area of said lot.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §606; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985; and by Ord. 02-04, 8/1/2002)


§607. YARDS. 

Each lot shall have front, side and rear yards of not less than the depth or width indicated below:

A.       Front yard ? 50 feet.

B.       Side yards ? 20 feet each

C.       Rear Yard ? 35 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §607)



The exterior side yard of a corner lot shall not be less than 50 feet. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §608)



Parking shall be provided in accor­dance with Part 20, "Off?Street Parking," of this Chapter. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §609)