Chapter 27 - Part 5 - F-S-C, Forest-Slope-Conservation District



§501.            PURPOSE. 

The purpose of the F?S?C, Forest?Slope?Conser­vation District is to conserve vegetative cover, partic­ularly trees, shrubs and ground cover, on sloping ground, stream banks, floodplains and stormwater drainage channels and swales; to discourage the scatter­ing of commercial, industrial, residential and other urban type uses throughout predominately forested areas of steep slope; to provide for the regulation of housing density in areas; to otherwise create condi­tions conducive to carrying out the purpose of this Chapter.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §501)


§502.           PERMITTED USES. 

A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes and no other:

A.       Single family detached dwellings.

B.       Family day care home.

C.       Public utilities and facilities.

D.      Municipal buildings and/or uses.

E.       Recreation areas and facilities.

F.       Preservation of natural amenities.

G.      Public water generation, collection, treatment and distribution facilities including wells, reservoirs, collection stations, pumping stations and distribution lines.

H.      No-impact home-based business.  [Ord. 02-06]

I.        Accessory uses on the same lot and customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses. [Ord. 2016-05]

          J.        Wind turbines permitted by special exception.  [Ord. 09-01]

          K.      Outdoor wood-fired boilers in accordance with the provisions of Section 1725. 

                    [Ord. 09-01]

          L.       Residential Solar Energy System [Ord. 13-07]

          M.      Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) pursuant to Chapter 27, Part 18 § 1818 et

                    seq.(Ord. 20-09)

(Ord. 8­4?2, 3/29/1984, §502; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §4; and by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4; by Ord. 02-06, 11/6/2002, §2; by Ord. 09-01 01/29/2009, §2; by Ord. 09-02, 01/29/2009, §1, and by Ord. 2016-05, 09/01/2016)


§503.           BUILDING HEIGHT LIMIT. 

No building shall be erected to a height in excess of 35 feet; provided, however, that the height limit may be increased 1 foot for each additional foot that the width of each yard exceeds the minimum required.  All yards shall exceed the minimum by the number of feet proposed to be added to the maximum height of 35 feet. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §504; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)


§504.           LOT AREA AND WIDTH. 

A lot area of not less than 5 acres and a lot width of not less than 200 feet at the street line shall be provided for each single family detached dwell­ing and for every other principal use or building permitted in this district. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/84, §505; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)


§505.           LOT COVERAGE. 

No more than 20% of the area of the lot shall be covered by buildings including accesso­ry build­ings.  At least 70% of the area of the lot shall be maintained with a vegetative material.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §506; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)


§506.           YARDS. 

Each lot shall have front, side and rear yards of not less than the depth or width indicated below:

A.       Front yard ? 50 feet.

B.       Side yards ? two at 50 feet each.

C.       Rear yard ? 50 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §507; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)



In order to promote the highest environmental quality possible, the success to which an appli­cant for a zoning permit has preserved the existing salient natural features and land forms intrinsic to the site shall be assessed.  Terms of the granting of a zoning permit may be subject to the manner in which the layout or design of the plan has preserved existing natural features such as, but not limited to, trees, wooded areas and water courses.  The following conservation requirements shall be applied to each lot within this district at such time improve­ments are to be made:

A.       A plan showing the "limit of work" shall be submitted which will confine excavation, earthmoving procedures and other changes to the landscape. 

B.       All trees 6 inches or more in caliper at breast height shall not be removed unless within the proposed right?­of?way line of a street or drive, within proposed building lines or within utility loca­tion or mandatory access for equipment.  Relocation of noteworthy plant material shall be encouraged where retention is imprac­tical. 

C.       No topsoil shall be removed from the site or used as spoil.  Topsoil must be removed from the areas of construction and stored sepa­rately.  Upon completion of construction and/or site improvements, the topsoil must be redistributed on the site uniformly.  All disturbed areas of the site shall be stabilized by seeding or planting. 

D.      A soil erosion and sedimentation plan must be prepared and submit­ted for the improvement of any lot within this district. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §508; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)


§508.           OFF?STREET PARKING. 

Parking shall be provided in accor­dance with the off?street parking Part of this Chapter.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §509; as amended by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §4)