Chapter 27 - Part 14 - C-PL, Commercial-Park Limited




§1401.                    PURPOSE. 

The purpose of the C?PL, Commercial ? Park Limited District is to provide reasonable standards for the development of commer­cial uses located adjacent to office and residential uses without undue harmful effects; this district is intended to be limited to uses which cause minimal air pollution, noise, glare and fire and safety hazards; to provide for the public conve­nience; to minimize traffic congestion; and to fulfill the other broad purposes of this Chapter. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984; §1300)



All applications for permits pursuant to this Part shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer, who shall have the option of submitting such applications to the Planning Commission or to the Township Commissioners for recommendations prior to issuing a permit. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1301; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985, and Ord. 15-06, 4/2/2015)


§1403.          PERMITTED USES.

A building may be erected or used and a lot may be used or occupied for any of the following purposes and no other:

A.       Child day care center, private nursery or kindergarten.

B.       Public utilities and facilities.

C.       Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) pursuant to Chapter 27, 1818, § et seq.  (Ord. 20-09)

D.      Municipal buildings and/or uses.

E.       Commercial recreational facilities.

F.       Shopping centers and shopping malls.

G.      Hotels and motels.

H.      Office buildings, professional offices and office complexes.

I.        Banks, investment brokers and finance agencies.

J.        Personal services, such as, but not limited to, barber shops, beauty shops, custom tailor shops, dressmaking, shoemaking and repair shops when primary service or service and sales shops are not manufacturing plants.

K.      Commercial uses serving the community including, but not limited to, such uses as retail drug stores, food sales, wearing apparel shops, auto and home appliance sales and service, restaurants, department stores, furniture sales, professional services, service establishments, including laundry agencies, self-service laundries, hand laundries and convenience stores, with or without fuel dispensing facilities.

L.       Adult Day Care Facilities, subject to the requirements of Section 1821. [Ord. 12-04]

M.      Medical clinics, dental clinics and laboratories or hospitals, medical buildings, pharmacies located in a medical clinic or medical building where limited to dispensing of medicine, drugs and prescriptions.  Offices of licensed practitioners of the healing arts (including all disciplines and specialties), surgeons, osteopaths, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, veterinarians and similar practitioners.

N.      Non-Residential Solar Energy System.  [Ord. 13-07]

O.      Accessory uses on the same lot with and customarily incidental to any of the permitted uses. [Ord. 2016-05]

P.       Brewpub [Ord. 15-15]

Q.      Microbrewery [Ord. 15-15]

R.       Medical Marijuana Dispensary, subject to compliance with all Pennsylvania statutory laws and regulations and Hampden Township zoning and land use requirements.

          [Ord. 2017-09]

 (Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1302; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985; by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §11(A); by Ord. 93-2, 2/2/1993, §1; by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §13(A), by Ord. 12-04, 06/28/2012, by

Ord. 13-07, 08/29/2013, by Ord. 13-11, 10/30/13.  *Editor’s note:  This provision was not repealed but not properly re-designated, by Ord. 15-15, 11/24/2015, by Ord. 2016-05, 09/01/2016, and by Ord. 2017-09, 07/27/2017)


§1404.          CONDITIONAL USES. 

The following conditional uses and no others may be allowed by the Township Board of Commissioners after recommendations by the Planning Commission pursuant to the express standards and criteria set forth in Part 19 of this Chapter:

A.       Churches or similar places of worship, parish houses and convents.

B.       Schools, libraries and museums.

C.       Mechanical and electrical contractor offices, with or without onsite sheet metal fabrication for metal no thicker than 10 gauge, with no coating, heating or chemical treatment of metal and excluding in the fabrication process the use of punch presses, drop hammers, automatic screw machines and similar noise generating equipment.

D.      Multi-Vendor Indoor Markets.  Such conditional uses shall also be subject to the criteria specified in Section 1212.B(1)-(3). 

E.       Medical Clinics-Limited

F.       Contractors’/Lawn and Garden Equipment Sales and Service [Ord. 2015-05]

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/84, §1303, as amended by Ord. 92-7, 4/2/1992, §1; by Ord. 93-13, 7/6/1993, §1; by Ord. 96-2, 8/1/1996, §13(B)); by Ord. 06-04, 04/02/2006, §4; by Ord. 08-07, 06/26/2008, §4; and by Ord. 2015-05, 02/26/2015)


§1405.          BUILDING HEIGHT LIMIT.  

No building shall be erected to a height in excess of 40 feet; provided, however, that the height limit may be increased 1 foot for each additional foot the width of each and every yard exceeds the minimum required.  All yards shall exceed the minimum by the number of feet proposed to be added to the maximum height of 40 feet. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1304)


§1406.          LOT COVERAGE.

1.       The maximum lot coverage of any lot in this zoning district shall be 70% of the total lot area.  

2.       For a subdivision of two or more lots which provides a minimum of 15 percent of the total subdivided tract in contiguous permanent open space in a configuration approved at the sole discretion of the Board of Commissioners, the maximum lot coverage of any lot in the subdivided tract may be increased to 85 percent of the total area of said subdivided tract.  Except for any open space that is dedicated to and accepted by the Township, all owners of lots in the subdivision shall be responsible for the maintenance of the open space in accordance with the terms of a written recorded agreement to be approved by the Township. 

3.       Any portion of a lot not covered with impervious material and not required to be otherwise developed as part of the stormwater management facilities required by this Township shall be planted and maintained with vegetative material. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1305; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985; and by Ord. 06-06, 06/29/2006, §1)


§1407.          LOT AREA AND WIDTH.

1.       Lots with Public Sewer. The area and frontage requirements shall be not less than 10,000 square feet and lot width of not less than 100 feet at the street line. 

2.       Lots without Public Sewer.  The area and frontage require­ments shall be not less than 1 acre (43,560 square feet) and lot width of not less than 150 feet at the street line. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1306)


§1408.          YARD REGULATIONS. 

Each lot shall have yards of not less than the width and depth indicated below:

A.       Front yard ? 50 feet.

B.       Side yards ? 10 feet each, provided that, when a mutual agreement is provided in writing by the adjoining property owners, no side yard shall be required where two or more commercial uses adjoin side to side; however, in no case shall common walls be permitted between properties of separate ownership.  In the case of a series of adjoining structures, abutting and paralleling a public right?of?way, an open and unob­structed passage of at least 20 feet in width shall be provided at grade level at intervals of not more than 200 feet.    [Ord. 92-5]

C.       Rear yard ? 30 feet.

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1307; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §11(B))

§1409.          BUFFER YARDS. 

A buffer yard of at least 20 feet in width shall be required when a permitted use abuts a residential use in the Township or in an adjacent municipality. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1308; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985)


§1410.                    ACCESSORY BUILDINGS.

1.       No accessory building shall be permitted in the front yard area. 

2.       Accessory buildings shall be permitted to extend into side yards but shall not be closer than 10 feet to the side yard line.  [Ord. 85?4]

3.      Accessory buildings shall be permitted to extend into rear yard areas but shall not be closer than 15 feet to the rear yard line. 

4.       An accessory building shall not exceed one story in height or 20 feet. 

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1309; as amended by Ord. 85?4, 4/2/1985)


§1411.           OFF?STREET PARKING.

1.       Off?street parking shall be provided in accordance with Part 20, Off?Street Parking, of this Chapter. 

 2.      All parking shall be located at least 8 feet from any building or structure and 10 feet away from any street right?of?way line.  Curbing shall be installed to enforce these requirements.  [Ord. 92-5]

(Ord. 84?2, 3/29/1984, §1310; as amended by Ord. 92-5, 2/4/1992, §11(C))