Chapter 22 - Part 8 - Administration



§801. WAIVER.

1.       Procedures Governing Waiver.

A.      Where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter will result in unreasonable hardship, the Township Com­missioners may make such reasonable waiver thereof in accordance with modern and evolving principles of site planning and land development which are not contrary to the public interest and so that the spirit of this Chapter shall be observed and substantial justice done. 

B.       Application for any waiver shall be submitted in writing by the applicant at the time the preliminary plat is filed with the Township.  The applica­tion shall state fully the ground and all facts relied upon by the applicant. 

C.       Wherever a waiver is requested by the applicant, the Township Commis­sioners shall refer the matter to the Planning Commission for its review.  The Planning Commission shall study the request, make findings, record the findings in its minutes and submit the findings to the Township Commissioners. 

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §801)



Any subdivider aggrieved by a finding, decision or recommen­dation of the Township Commissioners may request and receive opportunity to appear, present additional relevant information and request reconsideration of the original finding, decision or recommendation. 

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §802)


§803. RECORDS.

1.       The Township shall keep a record of its findings, decisions and recommen­dations relative to all subdivision plans filed with it for review. 

2.       All such records shall be public records. 

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §803)