Chapter 22 - Part 4 - Plan Requirements




1.       A sketch  plan may be submitted by the developer as a basis for informal discussion with the Planning Commission, which may comment upon such sketch plan but no approval or disapproval shall be given.

2.       Data furnished on the sketch plan shall be at the discretion of the developer.  For fullest usefulness, it is suggested that the plan include the following information:

A.      Tract boundaries.

B.       Location within the Township.

C.       North point.

D.      Streets on and adjacent to the tract.

E.       Significant topographical features, including floodplains, if any.

F.       Proposed general street layout, if applicable.

G.       Proposed general lot layout including location of proposed open space and other preservation areas.

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §401)



1.       The preliminary plan submission shall consist of the following:

A.      Plot plan.

B.       Construction plan.

C.       Supporting information.

D.      Electronic file of plot plan drawings in format compatible with Township's software.  [Ord. 99-07]

2.       The plot plan shall contain the following information:

A.      A  scale of no smaller than 50 feet to the inch, and all dimensions shall be shown in feet and hundredths of a foot.

B.       Proposed development name or identifying title.

C.       Township name, County name.

D.      North point, scale and date of preparation.

E.       Name, address and telephone number of the owner of the property.

F.       Name, address and telephone number of equitable owner, if applicable.

G.       Reference to Deed Book, volume and page.

H.      Name, firm name, address and telephone number of the registered engineer or surveyor preparing the plan.

I.        Signature and seal of the registered engineer or surveyor responsible for the plan.  Such signature shall be deemed to be a certification that said plan is accurate and all requirements of this Chapter have been fulfilled except only as set forth otherwise in the  letter required under subsection (4)(C), "Supporting Information," below.

J.        A location map, at a scale of 2000 feet to the inch, showing the proposed development and adjoining areas.

K.       A vicinity map, at a scale not smaller than 500 feet to the inch, showing the total tract with the proposed development shown, along with the adjoining property owners, zoning and uses listed.

L.       Tract boundaries with bearings and distances.

M.      All existing water courses, floodplains or tree masses and other significant  natural features.

N.      All existing buildings, sewers,  water mains, culverts, petroleum or petroleum product lines, fire hydrants and other significant manmade features.

O.      All existing streets and private driveways on or adjacent to the tract including name, right-of- way width and cartway width.

P.       All existing property lines, easements and rights-of-way and the purpose for which they were created.

Q.      Existing and proposed concrete monuments, iron pin markers and point of beginning (POB).

R.       When onlot water supply and/or septic systems are proposed, the location of all well and septic sites shall be shown along with the adjacent tracts.

S.       The 100 year flood elevation and any floodway and flood fringe areas.

T.       A note shall be placed on a lot when a particular condition or note applies to such lot, i.e. See note #2.  Note #2 would read:  Lot 28 shall access only onto Bennington Rd.

U.      Total acreage, number of lots, average lot size, density, open space, existing zoning classification and required setbacks.

V.       Location and width of all proposed streets, rights-of-way and easements.

W.      Proposed lot lines with approximate dimensions, areas of all lots and all required setback lines.

X.       All areas proposed to be dedicated to or reserved for public use, along with the standard dedication statement.

Y.       Proposed project phasing.

Z.       Typical cross-section of all streets; proposed street names. 

AA.   Proposed stormwater management areas.

BB.     The following notation, verbatim, when a State highway occupancy permit may be necessary.  "SPECIAL NOTICE:  A highway occupancy permit is required pursuant to §420 of the Act of June 1, 1945 (P.L. 1242, No. 428), known as the "State Highway Law," as amended by Act No. 1986-43 of May, 1986, before access to a State highway is permitted."

CC.    An inventory of all permits/approvals required by other agencies along  with the  date submitted.  Example:

AGENCY    DATE SUBMITTED                                                       




DD.   Wetland certification in the following form:

"The site has been investigated for wetland areas and to the best of my knowledge, all wetland areas are shown on this plan."


Engineer's Signature                         Date

EE.     Engineer certification in the following form:

"The stormwater management system as shown on this plan is adequate to meet the requirements of the Hampden Township Ordinances."


                    Engineer's Signature                         Date

 FF.     Owner certification and stormwater management facilities agreement in the following form:

"The stormwater management facilities (including but not limited to swales, piping, BMPs) or any part thereof will be maintained by the owner as per Hampden Township requirements.  Every contract for the sale of a lot containing a stormwater management facility or part thereof shall contain a statement in the contract clearly indicating to the buyer the maintenance, inspection, reporting requirements and the associated restrictions of the stormwater facility or part thereof.  This requirement also shall be stated in the deed of the lot"


                    Owner's Signature                            Date    

GG.    When lots are to be used for residential purposes, the following note shall appear verbatim: " A contribution for recreation purposes shall be made at a rate set by resolution approved by the Board of Commissioners from time-to-time per dwelling unit payable upon and as a condition of obtaining an occupancy permit pursuant to the ordinances of this Township."

HH.   Signature blocks for all reviewing agencies as per §405.

3.       The construction plan shall contain the following information:

A.      Vertical intervals of existing contours which shall be determined by the current Township mapping.

B.       Datum to which contour elevations refer shall be National Geodetic Survey (NGS) or local benchmarks and referenced to the National Geodetic Vertical Datum, 1929 adjustment.

C.       The grading and drainage plan, prepared in accordance with §506 and §507 of this Chapter. The plan must address phasing of the project and how stormwater will be controlled in each phase.  The plan must also address the stormwater from each individual lot.

D.      Horizontal and vertical alignments for proposed streets.

4.       The following supportive information shall be submitted with the preliminary plan:

A.      Where a preliminary plan covers only a part of the developer's entire holdings, a sketch shall be submitted of the prospective layout of the remainder.

B.       Where applicable, a planning module revision shall be prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  The completed module, with appropriate fees shall accompany the preliminary plan submission.  [Ord. 98-7]

C.       A letter from the developer specifically identifying all aspects of the plan which do not comply with any applicable regulations in this Chapter.  The letter may contain a request for a  waiver of such regulations based upon enumerated reasons.  Any such request for a waiver shall not be a substitute for a variance, special exception or other action by the Zoning Hearing Board.

D.      Copy of recorded grants of easement or rights-of-way needed for off-site facilities, if applicable.

E.       Proof of application to PennDOT for necessary highway occupancy permits.

F.       When required by §512 of this Chapter, a proposed soil erosion and sedimenta­tion plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Cumberland County Soil Conservation District.

G.       A stormwater management plan and all supporting calcula­tions.

 H.      A transportation study may be required for the areas surrounding the proposed development.

I.        A hydrological study may be required if wells are proposed as the water supply.

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §402; as amended by Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998), by Ord. 99-07, 07/01/1999, §1; and by Ord. 04-09, 12/07/2004, §I)



1.       The final plan submission shall consist of the following:

A.      Plot plan.

B.       Construction plan.

C.       Supporting information.

D.      Geodetic control requirements.

E.       Electronic file of plot plan drawings in format compatible with Township's software.  [Ord. 99-07]

2.       The plot plan shall contain all of the information required under §402(2), "Preliminary Plan, Plot Plan," along with the following information:

A.      Final plans shall be on sheets 18 inches by 24 inches for recording purposes.  Where necessary, to avoid sheets larger than the size prescribed, final plans shall be drawn in two or more sections.

B.       The date of preliminary plan approval.

C.       An inventory of all permits/approvals required by other agencies along with the date submitted and approved.  Example:


Date Submit­ted

Permit No.

Approval Date









D.      Wetland delineation by metes and bounds.

3.       The construction plan shall contain all of the information required under §402(3), "Preliminary Plan, Construction Plan," along with the following information:

A.      Plans and profiles for streets, stormwater facilities and sanitary sewers.

B.       Specifications for construction and materials for subsection (3)(A) above.

C.       All required details and cross sections.

D.      Erosion and sedimentation control plan.

E.       Drainage and grading plan showing existing and proposed final contours, including all swales and any stormwater facilities.

F.       Details of stormwater management facilities along with the maintenance and inspection requirements.

G.       Engineer's or surveyor's seal and signature.

H.      Sight distance for individual lot driveways shall conform to present criteria as stated in the Hampden Township Driveway Permit Ordinance, Ordinance No. 92-01 [Chapter 21, Part 2].

4.       The following supporting information shall be submitted with the final plan:

A.      The approved State highway occupancy permit.

B.       All necessary traffic studies required under prevailing State law to warrant traffic control devices, i.e. stop signs, speed limitations, traffic signals, etc.

C.       Developer's agreement in form and substance acceptable to the Township.

D.      Public improvement guarantees.

E.       Provisions for posting any required maintenance guarantees such as cul-de-sacs.

F.       If a potable water supply is to be provided by means other than by private wells that are owned and maintained by the individual lot owners within the land development, evidence shall be presented that the land development is to be supplied by a certified public utility, a bona fide cooperative  association of lot owners, or by a municipal corporation, authority or utility.

G.       DEP planning module approval.  [Ord. 98-7]

H.      Approval of the proposed street names by the U.S. Postal Service.

I.        A copy of final deed restrictions or protective covenants.

J.        A copy of all permits/approvals from all other utilities, governmental  agencies or departments.

5.       The following geodetic control requirements must be met:

A.      The plat boundary shall be field tied to the nearest Hampden Township monument, which is based upon the State Plane Coordinate System NAD83 and NGVD29, in accordance with one of the two methods outlined below:

(1)      Self-closing (looped) traverse(s) shall be conducted between two Hampden Township monuments and the plat boundary with minimum precision of no less than one part in 10,000 before adjustment.

(2)      Self-closing (looped) traverse(s) shall be conducted between one Hampden Township monument, the plat boundary and a line whose azimuth has been determined by astronomic observation or Global Position System (GPS) with a minimum precision of no less than one part in ten thousand before adjustment.  Astronomic or GPS observation shall be performed in accordance with the third order, Class II requirements set forth in Standards and Specifications for Geodetic Control Networks, Federal Geodetic Control Committee, September 1984, or as subsequently amended.

(3)      Geodetic control points that are used shall be shown on the plat by graphically identifying their location,  name and number.  The final adjusted direct tie (bearing and distance) shall be shown between those geodetic control points and specific point(s) on the plat boundary.  If only one Hampden Township monument was used as in §403(5)(A)(2) above, a bearing diagram shall be shown on the plat relating the bearing structure shown on the plat to grid north.

B.       A certified copy of the associated electronic data file (disk) shall be given to Hampden Township, in order to expedite entering the land development into the Township's records.  [Ord. 98-7, Ord. 99-07, and Ord. 05-02]

                    (1)      Electronic disk shall contain all cross reference items listed in the Table of Layers shown below, which table may be revised from time-to-time by the Township Engineer. 



Drawing Layer (Name)

Boundary (line)


Property Line (line)


Road Centerline (line)


Road Right-of-Way (line)


Road Edge (line)


Curb (line)


Stormwater Inlets/Catch Basins (line)


Stormwater Manholes (point)


Stormwater Piping (line)


Stormwater Detention/Retention (line/polygon)


Stormwater BMPs (line or point)


Stormwater Easements (line or polygon)


Sanitary Sewer Easements (line or polygon)


Utility easements (line or polygon)


Access Easements (line or polygon)


Sidewalk (line)


Contours (line)


Wetlands (line or polygon)


Fencing (line)


Paving - parking lot and drives (line)


Parking Line Striping (line)


Guide Rails (line)


Sanitary Sewer Mainlines (line)


Sanitary Sewer Manholes (point)


Sanitary Sewer Force Mains (line)


Sanitary Sewer Laterals (line)


Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations (point)


Sanitary Sewer Grinder Pump Locations (point)


                    (2)      Disk requirements:

                              (a)      Compatible within AutoCAD in Version 2004 or earlier (no add on packages). 

                              (b)      Text shall appear only on a separate TEXT layer and shall not be attached to the ITEM layers. 

                              (c)      Drawing layer name shall be provided for all cross reference items (see table above). 

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §403; as amended by Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998; Ord. 99-07, 07/01/1999, §1; and by Ord. 05-02, 02/24/05, §1)



The developer will furnish the Township with as-built plans for sanitary sewer systems and storm sewer systems within the land development, or for any changes deviating from the approved construction drawings.  As-built plans are to be submitted prior to the acceptance of any public improvement required by the plan.

(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §404)



The following format shall be used in "approval" spaces on final subdivision plans:


Reviewed by the Cumberland County Planning Commission this _________ day of _____________, 20__.






Recommended for approval by the Hampden Township Planning Commission this _________ day of _______________________, 20__.






Approved by the Hampden Township Board of Commissioners and all conditions imposed with respect to such approval were completed on this _________ day of ________________________, 20__.





Reviewed this  _________ day of __________________________, 20__.


                                                                       Township Enginee




          It is hereby certified that the undersigned has legal or equitable title to the land shown.  All roads or streets shown hereon, if not previously dedicated, are hereby offered for public use. 


RECORDED AS INSTRUMENT NO. ___________________________


(Ord. 95-1, 2/2/1995, §405; as amended by Ord. 04-09, 12/07/2004, §I; and by Ord. 05-02, 02/24/2005, §1. (Ord 11-05)