Chapter 1 - Administration and Government



          PART 1


§101. Salary and Compensation of the Commissioners


          PART 2




A.      Township Manager.

§201. Office Created
§202. Election Procedure
§203. Qualifications
§204. Bond Required
§205. Compensation
§206. Chief Administrative Officer
§207. Duties

B.       Independent Auditor

§211. Requirements
§212. Office Abolishes
§213. Compensation
§214. Right to Abolish Office Reserved

C.      Tax Officers

§221. Income Tax Officer
§222. Compensation for Treasurer/Tax Collector

         D.      Township Treasurer

         §231. Appointment
         §232. Duties
         §233. Compensation
         §234. Bond




§301. Department Established
§302. Subordinate Positions
§303. Special Police




A.      Industrial Development Authority.

§401. Name
§402. Authority
§403. Term of Existence

B.       Sewer Authority.

§411. Name
§412. Purpose




A.      Civil Service Commission.

§501. Established
§502. Rule Making Authority


B.       Planning Commission.

§511. Created
§512. Funding
§513. Expenditures
§514. Organization
§515. Rule Making and Record Keeping
§516. Other Powers and Duties
§517. Reports

C.      Shade Tree Committee.

§521. Short Title
§522. Definitions
§523. Establishment of Shade Tree Committee
§524. Powers of Shade Tree Committee




A.      Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association.

        §601.  Recognition of Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association
        §602.  Certification to Auditor General
        §603.  Annual Appropriation

B.       Special Fire Police.

§611. Appointment and Powers




§701. Granting Prosecutorial Authority to the Township Manager




1.    The salary and compensation payable to a Hampden Township Commissioner shall be $7,335 per year, which shall become effective upon the beginning of the next term of the Hampden Township Commissioner, and which salary and compensation shall be paid quarterly.  The foregoing annual compensation is established as a result of the 2020 United States Census Bureau’s decennial census, which census established the population of  Hampden Township as being 25,000 or more but less than 35,000, in accordance with Section 703 of the First Class Township Code, as amended October 29, 2020, P.I. 782, No. 96.


Township Population

Annual Compensation

Less than 5,000


5,000 - 9,999


10,000 - 14,999


15,000 - 24,999


25,000 - 34,999


35,000 - 44,999 $8,385.00

45,000 or more

Maximum of $210.00 per year per 1,000 residents or fraction of 1,000

2.    All Hampden Township Commissioners currently serving in office on the effective date of the adoption of this revised §101 shall continue to be paid the salary and compensation as established  by previous Ordinance of Hampden Township unless re-elected to office, in which event the Commissioner so re-elected shall be paid the salary and compensation as noted in subsection 1, above, upon the beginning of the term for which he or she was elected.

(Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998 ; Ord. 21 09, 10/27/21)



A.      Township Manager.


The office of Township Manager is hereby created by the Board of Commissioners of Hampden Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylva­nia, subject to the right of the Board of Commission­ers to abolish said office at any time by ordinance. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §1)


As soon as practicable after the enactment of this Part, the Board of Commissioners shall elect by a majority vote of all of its members one person to fill the office of Township Manager, who shall serve until December 31, 1967, or until his successor is elected and qualifies for office.  The said office shall be filled biennially (every two years) thereafter.  In the event of a vacancy, the Board of Com­missioners shall elect a replacement by a majority vote of all of its members, for the unexpired term.  The Township Manager shall be subject to removal for cause at any time by a majority vote of all of the Commissioners. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §2; as amended by Ord. 84-6, 7/3/19­84)


The Township Manager shall be chosen solely on the basis of his executive, administrative and professional abilities, with special emphasis to his actual experience in, or his knowledge of, accepted practices in respect to the duties of the office as herein provided.  The Township Manager need not be a resident of the Township or of the State of Pennsylvania at the time of his appointment; but as soon as possible thereafter he shall become, and during his tenure as Manager shall remain, a resident of Hampden Township. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §3)



Before entering upon his duties, the Township Manager shall file a bond with the Township, with corporate surety, in the sum of $5,000, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties.  The premium for said bond shall be paid by Hampden Township.  The bond of the Township Manager may be included in and covered by any comprehensive bond now or hereafter in force and effect for Township employees in the amount of at least $5,000. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §4)



The Township Manager shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed and determined by a majority vote of all of the Commis­sioners. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §5)



The Manager shall be the Chief Administrative Officer of Hampden Township and he shall be responsible to the Board of Commission­ers as a whole for the proper and efficient administration of the affairs of the Township.  His powers and duties shall relate to the general management of all Township business not expressly imposed or conferred upon other Township officers by statute, ordinance or resolution.  The Board of Commissioners is hereby authorized to delegate to the Township Manager, subject to recall by written notification at any time, any of its nonlegislative and nonjudicial powers and duties. 

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §6)


§207. DUTIES. 

Subject to recall by ordinance, the powers and duties of the Township Manager shall include the following:

A.      He shall supervise and be responsible for the activities of all municipal departments, unless otherwise provided by the Board of Commissioners.

B.       He shall prepare and submit to the Board of Commission­ers before the close of the fiscal year, or on such alternate date as the Board of Commissioners shall determine, a budget for the next fiscal year and an explanatory budget message.  In preparing the budget he, or an officer designated by him, shall obtain from the head of each department, agency, board or officer, estimates of revenues and expenditures and other supporting data as he requires.  The Manager shall review such estimates and may revise them before submitting the budget to the Board of Commissioners.

C.       He shall be responsible for the administration of the budget after its adoption by the Board of Commissioners.

D.      He shall, under the direction of the Board of Commis­sioners, execute and enforce the laws of the Common­wealth, and the ordinances and resolutions of the Township.

E.       Unless otherwise directed, he shall attend all meetings of the Board of Commission­ers and of its committees.

F.       He shall prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Board of Commissioners and supply facts pertinent thereto.

G.       He shall keep the Board of Commissioners informed as to the conduct of Township affairs; submit periodic reports on the condition of Township finances and such other reports as the Board of Commissioners shall request; and make such recommenda­tions to the Board of Commissioners as he deems necessary.

H.      He shall submit to the Board of Commissioners, as soon as possible after the close of the fiscal year, a complete report on the financial and administrative activities of the Township for the preceding year.

I.        He shall see that the provisions of all franchises, leases, permits and privileges granted by the Township are observed.

J.        He may employ, by and with the approval of the Board of Commissioners, experts and consultants to perform work and to advise in connection with any of the functions of the Township.

K.       He shall attend to the letting of contracts in due form of law; and supervise the performance and faithful execution of the same except in so far as such duties are expressly imposed upon some other Township official by statute or ordinance.

L.       He shall see that all money owed the Township is promptly paid and the proper procedures are taken for the security and collection of all Township claims.

M.      He shall be the purchasing officer of the Township and he shall purchase, in accordance with the provisions of the Township Code, all supplies and equipment for the various agencies, boards, departments and other offices of the Township.  He shall keep an account of all purchases and shall, from time to time or when directed by the Board of Commissioners, make a full written report thereof.  He shall also issue rules and regula­tions, subject to the approval of the Board of Commissioners, governing the requisition and purchase of municipal supplies and equipment.

N.      He shall cooperate with the Board of Commissioners at all times and in all matters to promote the best interest of the Township and of the general public.

O.      Unless otherwise designated by the Board of Commission­ers, he shall act as Zoning Officer for the Township.

P.       All complaints regarding services or personnel shall be referred to the Township Manager.  He, or an officer designated by him, shall investigate and dispose of such complaints, and he shall report thereon to the Board of Commissioners.

(Ord. 85, 12/6/1966, §7)

B.       Independent Auditor.


The Board of Commissioners of Hampden Township shall, by resolution annually before the commencement of a fiscal year, appoint an independent auditor who shall be a certified public accountant, registered in Pennsylvania, a firm of certified public accountants so registered or a competent public accoun­tant or a competent firm of public accountants to audit, for such fiscal year, the accounts, records and all other evidences of financial transactions of the Township and file a report thereof with the Board of Commissioners.  The independent auditor shall perform all other duties and exercise such powers as conferred upon him by law. 

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)


Upon appointment of an independent auditor as provided for in §211 of this Part 2B, the office of elected auditor is hereby abolished; however, the elected auditors now in office shall continue to hold such office for the term for which elected, and shall perform the duties of their office, except that they shall not audit, settle or adjust accounts audited by such indepen­dent auditor. 

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)



The resolution appointing an indepen­dent auditor shall state the compensation, if any, to be paid from Township funds for said services. 

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)


The Board of Commis­sioners hereby reserves the right at any time to repeal this Part 2B, thereupon abolishing the office of appointed auditor, and to reestablish the office of elected auditor. 

Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)


C.      Tax Officers.


1.       The Board of Township Commissioners are hereby autho­rized by appropriate motion from time to time as requisite, to designate and replace an Income Tax Officer to administer the provisions of the Earned Income Tax Ordinance [Chapter 24, Part 1].

2.       The Board of Township Commissioners are hereby autho­rized by appropriate motion from time to time as requisite, to enter into joint or single agreements with the Income Tax Officer fixing the term, duties, responsibilities and compensa­tion of the Income Tax Officer.

(Ord. 75, 1/21/1966, §§1, 2)



  1. The compensation payable to the elected tax collector for Hampden Township and any duly appointed tax collector for Hampden Township in the event of a vacancy shall be ten thousand dollars per annum, payable bi-weekly.
  2. The Township shall reimburse the tax collector upon submission of proper voucher for the tax collector’s actual expenditures for printing, postage and other expenses allowable by law as required to perform his or her duties.The Township shall pay the premium cost of any fidelity bond required by the tax collector for the performance of duties to or for Hampden Township.
  3. The foregoing provisions of this Section shall be applicable to the services of the tax collector occurring on and after January 6, 2014, whether performed by the elected or an appointed tax collector.

(Ord. 62, 3/11/1965; as amended by Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984; Ord. 85-2, 2/11/1985; Ord. 93-4, 2/12/1993, §§2-4; by Ord. 05-01, 01/27/05; and by Ord. 13-01, 01/31/2013)


D.      Township Treasurer

§231. Appointment.

The Board of Township Commissioners shall appoint by duly passed Resolution a Treasurer for Hampden Township, which individual shall also be that employee of the Township holding the position of Finance Director.  The person so appointed shall serve as Treasurer at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioner.


§ 232.  Duties.

The Township Treasurer shall have those duties and responsibilities as contained in Section 803-A of the First Class Township Code (54 Pa.C.S.A. §55803-A), or any amended or successor provision or law, together with those duties and responsibilities associated with such individual’s regular employment as an employee of Hampden Township.


§ 233.  Compensation.

Compensation of the Township Treasurer shall be determined by the Board of Commissioners.

§ 234.  Bond.

The Township Treasurer shall be bondable and give a fidelity bond to the Commonwealth in an amount at least equal to 50% of the amount of funds of the Township as established by the Board of Commissioners to be available to the Treasurer at any time during the current year.  The cost of such fidelity bond shall be paid by the Township.

(Ord. 13-14, 11/26/13)





A Police Department is hereby established in and for the Township of Hampden.  The Chief of Police shall be the chief executive of the Police Department.  He shall, under the direction of the Township Manager, be in charge of the police force and have supervision over its members, in the exercise of their powers, duties and authority. 

(Ord. 15, 4/4/1960, §1; as amended by Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)



Subordinate to the Chief of Police, in the Police Department, the following classifications are hereby established:  Lieuten­ant, Sergeant and Patrolman, or those of such classifications to which the Board of Township Commissioners shall, at any specific time, have appointed one or more police officers.  The priority of authority among such subordi­nate classifications shall be in the order above listed.  The number of persons to serve in each of such subordinate classifications, on a full-time and/or a part-time basis, and the compensation of each shall be as deter­mined by the Board of Township Commissioners from time to time. 

(Ord. 15, 4/4/1960, §2)



Nothing herein contained shall affect the authority of the Board of Township Commissioners to appoint special policemen during emergencies. 

(Ord. 15, 4/4/1960, §3)




A.      Industrial Development Authority.

§401. NAME. 

The name of the authority is "Hampden Industri­al Development Authority."

(Ord. 67-5, 9/5/1967, §1)



The Authority is formed under provisions of the Act of August 23, 1967, Act No. 102, known as the "Industrial Development Authority Law." 

(Ord. 67-5, 9/5/1967, §2)



The term of existence of the Authori­ty shall be 50 years. [1]

(Ord. 67-5, 9/5/1967, §6)


B.       Sewer Authority.

§411. NAME. 

The name of the authority is "Hampden Township Sewer Authority."

(Ord. 82, 9/6/1966, §1)


§412. PURPOSE. 

The Authority is formed under provisions of the Act of Assembly approved May 2, 1945, P.L. 382, as amended and supplemented, known as the "Municipality Authorities Act of 1945," for the following purposes:  To acquire, hold, construct, improve, maintain, operate, own and lease, either in the capacity of lessor or lessee, sewers, sewer systems or parts thereof and sewage treatment works, including works for treating and disposing of industrial waste. 

(Ord. 82, 9/6/1966, §2)




A.      Civil Service Commission.


A Civil Service Commission is hereby estab­lished in the Township of Hampden, which Commission shall consist of three Commis­sioners who shall be qualified electors of the Township of Hampden, Cumberland County, Pennsyl­vania. 

(Ord. 63, 4/6/1965, §1)



The Civil Service Commission shall prescribe such rules and regulations as may be required for the conduct of its business in accordance with the First Class Township Code, 53 P.S. §55101 et seq.

(Ord. 63, 4/6/1965, §3)


B.       Planning Commission.


A Township Planning Commis­sion, to be composed of five members, appointed as provided by law (53 P.S. §10202), is hereby created in and for the Township.  The Planning Commission shall perform all duties and may exercise all powers conferred by law upon Township planning agencies; provided, the Planning Commis­sion previously created in and for the said Township shall constitute the tenure of any of the members thereof, but any and all vacancies in the said Commission, hereafter occurring, shall be filled in the manner and for the term provided in the law governing Township planning commissions in effect at the time of the happening of the said vacancy. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954; as amended by Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984)


§512. FUNDING. 

The Township Commissioners shall appropri­ate from the general Township fund such money, as, in its opinion, is necessary and is available for the work of the Planning Commission for the year in which the appropria­tion is made. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §3)



The expenditures of the Commission shall be within the amount appropriat­ed for the purpose by the Township Commissioners or placed at the Commission's disposal from other sources. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §4)



The Commission shall elect its own chairman and create and fill such other offices as it may determine.  The Commission may appoint such employees and staff as it may deem necessary for its work and may contract with planners and other consultants for such technical services as it may require.  With the consent of the Township Commissioners, the Commission may enter into joint agreements with county, regional and other planning agencies governing cooperative financing or planning, studies and such other cooperative relationships as are necessary to obtain the objectives of the Commission. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §5)



The Commission may make and alter rules for its procedure consistent with the ordinances and resolutions of the Township and the laws of the Commonwealth.  It shall keep a record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations, which record shall be a public record. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §6)



The Commission shall prepare such plans, maps, charts, drawings and descriptive matter, shall perform such other duties or things, and shall have such rights and powers as are now or might hereafter be required or given by the ordinances and resolutions of the Township or the laws of this Commonwealth.  The Commission shall also have such powers and duties as are now or might hereafter be imposed by the First Class Township Code upon Township Planning Commissions. 

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §7)

§517. REPORTS. 

The Commission shall make a report of their activities, find­ings, recommendations and finances to the Township Commissioners annually at the close of each fiscal year of the Township, and at such other times as the Township Commissioners may require.

(Ord. 1, 5/4/1954, §8)


C.      Shade Tree Committee.


This Part shall be known and may be cited as the "Hampden Township Shade Tree Ordinance."

(Ord. 93-7, 4/6/1993, §1)



For the purpose of this Part, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivations shall have the meaning given herein.  When not inconsistent with the context, words used in the present tense include the future, words in the plural include the singular and words in the singular include the plural.  The word shall is mandatory and not merely directory.

LARGE TREES - those attaining a height of 45 feet or more.

MEDIUM TREES - those attaining a height of between 30 and 45 feet.

PARK - all public parks.  (The Shade Tree Commission, Recreation and Park Board and the Board of Township Commis­sioners should decide who will maintain trees on public 2property other than along streets such as adjacent to the municipal buildings, within public parks, etc.)

PERSON - any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization or entity of any kind.

PRINCIPLE THOROUGHFARE - any street upon which trucks are not prohibited.

PROPERTY LINE - the outer edge of a street or highway.

PROPERTY OWNER - the person owning a property as shown by the County Assessor's Plat of Cumberland County.

PUBLIC PLACES - all other grounds owned by the Township.

PUBLIC TREES - all shade and ornamental trees now or hereafter growing on any street or on any public areas where otherwise indicated.

SHADE TREE COMMITTEE - the body having jurisdiction of street trees.

SMALL TREES - those attaining a height of between 20 and 30 feet.

STREET or HIGHWAY - the entire width of every public way or right-of-way when any part is open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for purposes of vehicular and pedes­trian traffic.

TOWNSHIP - the Township of Hampden, County of Cumberland.

TOWNSHIP ARBORIST - the Township's Golf Course superinten­dent who is assigned to carry out the enforcement of this Part.

TREELAWN - that part of a street or highway, not covered by sidewalk or other paving, lying between the property line and that portion of the street or highway usually used for vehicular traffic.

(Ord. 93-7, 4/6/1993, §2)



1.       The Board of Township Commissioners shall appoint the members of the Shade Tree Committee for such terms and in such numbers as it may deem necessary and proper.

2.       Within a reasonable amount of time after appointment of the members of the Committee, said Committee shall meet and organize by the election of a chairperson and a secretary. The Committee shall then provide for the adoption of rules and procedures and for the holding of regular and special meetings as said Committee shall deem advisable and neces­sary in order to perform the duties set forth.

(Ord. 93-7, 4/6/1993, §3)



1.       The Shade Tree Committee shall have exclusive custody and control of the shade trees in the Township and is authorized to plant, remove, maintain and protect shade trees on the public streets and property within the Township in accor­dance with law.

2.       The specific duties of the Shade Tree Committee shall include, but are not limited to:

A.      Study the problem and determine the needs of the Township in connection with its tree planting program.

B.       Recommend to the proper authority the type and kind of trees to be planted upon such municipal streets or parts of municipal streets or in parks as is designated.

C.       Assist the properly constituted officials of Township in the dissemination of news and information regarding the selection, planting and maintenance of trees within the Township limits, whether the same be on private or public property, and to make such recommendations from time to time the Board of Township Commission­ers as to desirable legislation concerning the tree program and activities for the Township.

D.      Establish regular and special meetings at which the subject of trees insofar as it relates to the Township may be discussed by the members of the Committee, officers and personnel of the Township and its several divisions and all others interested in the tree program.

(Ord. 93-7, 4/6/1993, §4)



A.      Volunteer Firemen's Relief Association.


1.       The following association is hereby recognized as actively engaged in providing fire protection and/or emergency services in the Township.

Firemen's Relief Association of Hampden Township

The above named association has been formed for the benefit of its members and their families in case of death, sickness, temporary or permanent disability or accident suffered in the line of duty.

2.       The above named Association of the Township is designated the proper association to receive such funds as are due and payable to the Township Treasurer by the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania from the tax on premiums from foreign fire insurance companies.

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984; as revised by Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998)



The Board of Commissioners shall annually certify to the Auditor General of the Common­wealth, the name(s) of the active associa­tions and the percentage of service they contribute to the protection of the Township.  Such certification shall be on forms prescribed by the Auditor General.

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984; as revised by Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998)



There is annually appropri­at­ed from the Township Treasury all such sums of money that may hereafter be paid into the Township Treasury by the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania on account of taxes paid on premiums of foreign fire insurance companies in pursuance of the Act of December 18, 1984, No. 205, §701 et seq. as hereafter amended, supplemented, modified or reenacted by the General Assembly of Pennsylvania.  Such monies received by the Township Treasurer from the State Treasurer shall be distributed to the duly recognized association(s) within 60 days of receipt.  The funds shall be distrib­uted on the basis of the percentage of service established in the certification to the Auditor General and with other provisions of the Act.

(Ord. 84-6, 7/3/1984; as revised by Ord. 98-7, 8/27/1998)


B.       Special Fire Police.


1.       The volunteer fire company shall recommend or nominate individuals for appointment as special fire police.  These nominations shall comply with the by-laws and regulations of the fire company and the nominations shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Township Commissioners.

2.       The Board of Township Commissioners, upon receipt of the written nominations, shall undertake a review and examination of those nominations as deemed appropriate by the Board.  Upon satisfaction of that review, the Board of Township Commissioners shall confirm by majority action of the Board those members it deems appropriate to be appointed special fire police personnel, for a period not to exceed 1 year.

3.       Following confirmation action by the Board of Township Commissioners, the President of the Board of Township Commissioners shall administer the appropriate oath prior to those individuals assuming the duties of special fire police.

4.       The power and authority of special fire police of any volunteer fire department within the Township of Hampden is hereby deemed to be limited and confined to the statutory provisions provided by the Act of July 11, 1980, P.L. 580, No. 122, 35 P.S. §120 et seq.

(Res. 90-3, 2/6/1990)





1.       The Township Manager is hereby authorized and empowered to institute and pursue actions at law or in equity in any court having jurisdiction to enforce the ordinances and resolutions of this Township and to sign and verify any and all pleadings required in any such action in the name of this Township, and to take any and all lawful and necessary actions to effect such enforcement.

2.       Realizing the complexity of Township business and departmental division of responsibili­ty, the Township Manager is further authorized and empowered to delegate the foregoing authority to any person employed by this Township having departmental responsibility for such enforcement and knowledge of the matters in issue.

(Res. 95-41, 12/28/1995)


[1]Editor's Note:  The present term of the Authority will expire February 21, 2047, as stated in Res.97-7, 1/30/1997.