Officer Receives Award

On August 23, 2021, Officer Jonathan Dudek was on-duty when he was dispatched to an address in Hampden Township for a four-year-old patient who had been accidentally injured by a lawn mower.

Officer Dudek quickly arrived on scene, assessed the four-year old girl who had suffered life threatening injuries to her arm and hand, and promptly applied a tourniquet to her injured arm.  He continued to provide first aid until arrival of advanced medical support.

According to the paramedics on scene, Officer Dudek’s quick action and application of the tourniquet likely saved the child’s life.

Officer Dudek responded to an emotionally charged scene involving a traumatic injury to a small child and acted in the highest standards of a first responder.  His mental discipline, training and decisive actions on that day saved the life of a young child.

For his actions, Officer Dudek was presented with the Department's Life Saving Award at a recent Board of Commissioners meeting.