Leaf collection continues through December 1st

Fall leaf collection will continue, weather permitting, through Friday, December 1.

Please be advised that leaf collection will not occur on Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving.  Collection will resume on November 27 following the Monday through Friday route schedule.

Residents are asked to rake leaves into the street, a foot or so away from the curb or edge of pavement.  Piles should not exceed three feet in height and four feet in width.  Piles that contain tree branches or any other debris WILL NOT BE PICKED UP until the debris is removed.  Debris damages equipment and repairs are costly.

Residents are also asked to park vehicles or trailers in their driveways.  If it is not possible to park in your driveway, a vehicle or trailer should be parked away from the leaf piles.  It is also imperative that contractors not place a pile of gravel or other material on a roadway which obstructs the collection of leaves.  Leaf piles blocked by vehicles or contractor material will not be picked up until the following week, providing the obstruction has been moved.

Leaves which are raked into the street after the equipment has passed will not be picked up until the following week.  If you use a landscaper to remove leaves from your property, please advise them of the collection schedule and require them to adhere to collection policies.