Smoke Detectors Save Lives

SMOKE DETECTORS SAVE LIVES! The risk of dying in a residential fire is cut in half in homes with working smoke detectors. However, smoke detectors are not maintenance free. They need regular cleaning to prevent false alarms which can be caused by the build up of dust and insects or simply needing replacement due to how long the unit has been in service.

Pick a date each year, such as your birthday or daylight savings time, and change the batteries in your detector. It is also recommended to test detectors on a monthly basis. Smoke detectors will usually chirp repeatedly when the battery is low and needs replaced.

The approximate life of most smoke detectors is 10 years, after that time the unit should be replaced. A useful hint is to write the date inside the cover upon installation.

Maintaining your smoke detector by keeping it clean and ensuring the batteries are in working order can give your family the warning needed to save lives and minimize property damage. It will also help limit false alarm responses for the Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company and the dedicated volunteer members.

The Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company seeks assistance from the community in an effort to meet its day-to-day operational needs. Additional details about the all-volunteer fire company, and information on how to become a member, can be found at: or  Please join the Township in thanking the members of the Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company for their service to the community throughout the year!