Emergency Medical Services Membership Drive

Hampden’s Emergency Medical Services membership drive is underway for individual and family subscriptions.  The EMS Department provides emergency medical coverage 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to residents and visitors of the Township.  Subscribers are assured that they will not be held responsible for any additional invoices for emergency medical service regardless of the amount the insurance company pays for all medical necessity services.  You must have health insurance to be a subscriber.  Without a subscription to Hampden EMS, your health insurance will only pay a portion of your transport and treatment invoice and you will be held responsible for the difference in total cost of care.  Subscribers also receive Advanced Life Support Services from Penn State Health Life Lion LLC.  The Township partially funds operational expenses for the EMS Department as not all costs are covered by insurance or subscribers.  More information on Hampden’s EMS Department and its subscription drive, along with complete details of the subscriber benefits and an application for are available on the Township website at https://www.hampdentownship.us/township_departments/emergency_services/hampden_ems.php