Traffic signal timing and operations on the Carlisle Pike

PennDOT’s paving contractor continues to work toward the completion of the resurfacing project along the Carlisle Pike from the intersection of Sporting Hill Road to the border of Hampden Township and Camp Hill Borough.  PennDOT has indicated that the project should be completed by the end of August.  During the course of the project, and continuing at this time, there have been disruptions of the traffic signal operations and timing due to the removal of the traffic signal loops when the road surface was milled away to prepare for resurfacing.  This is an unavoidable situation when milling and resurfacing a road.  Prior to the completion of the project, PennDOT’s contractor will restore the traffic signal loops which should restore the normal operations and timing of the traffic signals along this corridor of the Carlisle Pike.
Additionally, the traffic signals at the intersection of the Carlisle Pike and Skyport Road and Carlisle Pike and Brondle Blvd. sustained significant damage due to a lightening strike several weeks ago.  The Township’s traffic technician has ensured that the signals are operating safely and taken steps to temporarily improve the timing of the signals until replacement parts can be obtained and installed.  No specific timeline is known for the replacement of the damaged parts at this time due to supply chain issues.