Special Needs Resident Registry

Did you know our Department maintains a Special Needs Resident Registry?

Residents are be able to take advantage of this program offered by the Police Department where they can register family members in a “Special Needs Registry”. This voluntary program collects information and photographs of residents with medical conditions, cognitive conditions or physical disabilities which is then retained at the Police Department for emergency situations such as a missing persons investigation, emergency evacuations etc. The information is then used by first responders to quickly assess the incident, provide relevant information to search parties and/or the media and to brief investigators on the limitations, needs or other critical information that would be essential to trying to locate the resident as quickly and safely as possible. The registration process also acts to familiarize the police and the special needs resident with each other to build a sense of trust and comfort when dealing with each other.

Residents wishing to register a family member or who wish to learn more about the program are asked to call 717-761-2609 or to email Lieutenant Shaun Felty at sfelty@hampdentownship.us.  Appointments are preferred for the initial registration.