Diane Z. Fox

Operations Supervisor
Jeffrey Klahre

Plant Operators
Ken Good
Wilbur Fake

Inflow/Infiltration Foreman
Thom Kautz

Pump Station Foreman
Mike Orris

Pump Station Technician
Shawn Peck

TV Truck Operators
Greg Bilger
Andrew Morales

Flush Truck Operators
Kevin Danner
Henry Lee Timmons

Biosolids Technicians
John Geiling
Charles Stouffer

Wastewater Division

4200 Roth Lane
Mechanicsburg, PA  17050

The sewer system consists of approximately 180 miles of collection lines, 23 pumping stations, force mains, and a wastewater treatment plant with a budget of $10.3 million

Listed below are the Wastewater Department’s major accomplishments in 2010 :

Administrative Tasks Completed

  •  Two sections of mainline and two manhole castings were replaced prior to PennDOT repaving the Carlisle Pike.
  •  A manhole in the right of way of Creekview Road was relined
  •  Substantial completion was achieved on the upgrades to the Roth Lane WWTP and the abandonment of the Pinebrook WWTP
  •  Construction has begun on the upgrades of Pumping Station 4, 16 and 19.
  •  Gannett Fleming, the Hampden Township Sewer Authority’s Consulting Engineer, has begun the Basis of Design for Pumping Station 3, 7, 17 and 18

Operational and Maintenance Tasks Completed in 2010

  • Flushed and cleaned over 2.2 miles of main lines in known trouble areas.
  • Cleaned and televised over 6.5 miles of sanitary main lines.
  • Air tested 812 feet of new main line.
  • Tested 2,297 pipe joints and sealed 351 pipe joints using 216 gallons of grout.
  • Televised and inspected 334 laterals.
  • Utilized the high pressure flush truck to remove roots out of 115 laterals.
  • Replaced three laterals due to root infiltration.
  • Worked with the Public Works Maintenance Division on the Gale Road project to replace 260 feet of eight-inch sanitary mainline and seven laterals.
  • Installed 28 manhole inserts, inspected 102 manholes and raised the casting on 2 manholes.
  • Flushed and televised storm drains for Public Works Maintenance Division.
  • Completed 2,840 locations request by PA One Call

Safety Training 2010

  • Right to Know Training – Snow Plow Training – Trenching and Shoring Training