Glenn MaGatz

Assistant Superintendent
Stuart Odell

Recreation Supervisor
Chris Huffer

Golf Course Superintendent
Mark Jacobs

Golf Foreman
Scott Zook

Sign Technician
Ernie Hartman

Facilities Supervisor
Michael R. McKinney

Duty Crew Leaders
Phil Burton
Scott McCabe
Bill Slaseman

Maintenance Workers I
Glen Herman
Don Fink
Chris McClintock
Ryan Fausnacht
Tim Imhoff
David Drury
John Bowman
Doug Morton
Nicholas Spiewak

Maintenance Workers II
Mike Brown
Kyle Altland
Ted Rhykerd

Maintenance Workers III
Bill Ward


The Maintenance Division consists of four sub-divisions. Each sub-division has a specific area of responsibility and is staffed in accordance with the specific maintenance or project requirement at any given time. This division consists of the following administrative staff:

Maintenance Superintendent: Glenn MaGatz
Assistant Maintenance Superintendent: Stuart Odell
Golf Course Superintendent: Mark Jacobs
Golf Course Foreman: Scott Zook
Recreation Maintenance Supervisor: Chris Huffer
Sign Technician: Ernie Hartman
Facilities Maintenance Supervisor: Mike McKinney

Duty crews are assembled from the Division Staff on an assignment-specific basis. These crews take on the larger projects and are administered by the Assistant Superintendent. Each Duty Crew is lead by an experienced Crew Leader.

Duty Crew Leaders:

Phil Burton
Scott McCabe
William Slaseman

The full-time Maintenance Division staff includes the following:

Kyle Altland, Richard Bittinger, John Bowman, Mike Brown, Phil Burton, David Drury, Ryan Fausnacht, Don Fink, Glen Herman, Tim Imhoff, Chris McClintock, Doug Morton, Shawn Peck, Ted Rhykerd, Nicholas Spiewak, and William Ward.

In addition to leaf collection, street sweeping, pot hole repairs and patching, preparation and delivery of tan bark and compost materials, road side mowing operations, and snow removal operations, the Maintenance Division was tasked with completing the following assignments:

General infrastructure maintenance work:

  • Inlet Repairs – Staff repaired inlets on Pamay Drive, Cassions Court, Pinehurst Development Entrance, Auburn Drive, Manor Drive and Delbrook Road intersection, Mandy Lane, installed inlets and new curbing on Lamp Post Lane, Spring House Road, Carriage House Road and Copper Kettle Road. Staff also repaired inlets on Yorktowne Road, Locust Lane, Packard Lane, Reeser Road and the Townes of Cross Creek. Inlet cleaning and repairs on Technology Parkway continued.
  • Creekview Road/Smith Drive Full Depth Reclamation and Paving Project – Staff prepared specifications and oversaw the entire project with contractor during the summer of 2013.
  • Lamp Post Lane Storm Drainage Project – staff completed all curb and trench paving for this project.
  • Staff also began setting and installing new manhole castings in areas scheduled to be repaved by PA American Water as part of its water service upgrades.
  • Constructed a holding bin for storage of playground materials and modified an existing salt bin for topsoil storage.
  • Continued with sign maintenance in the Highlands of Hampden and Deimler Manor developments.
  • Extensive road patching was completed in Grandon Farms, Noll Acres and Point Ridge Farms development.
  • Removed trees and repaired walking path at Hampden Park.
  • Paved pool filter building access road at Hampden Park.

Armitage Golf Club work:

  • Aerated primary rough of the entire course and subcontracted aeration of front nine fairways.
  • Staff removed some trees at the Course and subcontracted removal of others.
  • Sprayed fairways and approaches for fungus control.
  • Continued with top-dressing and fertilizing greens.
  • Paved cart path on #1 tee to remedy flooding problems (used 28 tons asphalt).
  • Ground water drainage project completed.
  • Continued with Bunker Design and Master Plan reviews.
  • Removed large set of wooden steps at Hole #17/18 tee area.
  • Completed topsoil placement and seeding along cart path #10.
  • Removed old tee posts at Holes #6, 8 and 7; refurbished signs, out-of-bound stakes and cart signs throughout the Course, as needed.
  • Maintained inventory of seed, chemicals, flag cups, tee markers and flagsticks, as well as making repairs to tee boxes and bunker rakes.

Township Parks and Recreation:

  • Staff maintains a total of 10 lighted tennis courts, 2 lighted basketball courts, 5 Softball fields, 11 Baseball fields, 5 playground areas, 12 Soccer fields, 2 Volleyball courts, and 5 picnic pavilions with a total of 133 acres. Staff also maintains appropriate inventory of needed materials and supplies required for upkeep of the various recreational faculties throughout the Township.
  • Crews were kept busy with routine field maintenance with approximately 1080 scheduled games, 1900 practices, 97 picnic pavilion rentals, and approximately 62,553 patrons using the 550,000 gallon pool and spray ground.
  • Staff worked in conjunction with contractor to repair sink hole at Hampden Park.
  • Installed volleyball court fence at Creekview Park.
  • Painted pool for the season; at the end of the season staff winterized pool irrigation system as well as the concession stand.
  • Staff annually winterizes Salem Park and Creekview South Park; winterizes drinking fountains at all parks.
  • Assisted in preparing Creekview Park for annual Family Fun Night.
  • Performed routine weed spraying in all parks as well as bi-weekly playground inspections.
  • During the off-season, staff assisted other divisions with routine equipment maintenance and snow removal operations, as needed.

Facilities Department:

  • Painted and replaced floors in the first floor restrooms of the Administration Building.
  • Painting projects were completed at AMR, Sporting Hill Station, Good Hope Station and Recreation Department Activity Room.
  • Additionally, replaced roofs on ball field dug outs, Hampden Pool Concession Stand and filter building.
  • Coordinated HVAC annual preventative maintenance project.
  • Coordinated repair of ventilation system at Caddy Shack via contractor.
  • Managed sub-contractor for Pool Admissions Building roof replacement.
  • Completed annual water backflow testing at all facilities as required by PA American Water Company.
  • Replaced roof-top HVAC at Sporting Hill Station.
  • Completed light upgrades at Sporting Hill Station and Administration Building.
  • Replaced doors and repaired garage doors at various facilities.
  • Repaired damaged deck boards on walking path at Beech Run.
  • Repaired/replaced parking lot lights at various locations; repaired Creekview Park tennis court lights.
  • Repaired roof leaks at Administration Building, Good Hope and Sporting Hill Stations and Caddy Shack.
  • Serviced ovens at Sporting Hill Station and Good Hope Station community rooms.
  • Coordinated pressure wash and staining of Caddy Shack deck via contractor.
  • Replaced floor tile at Sporting Hill Station.
  • Assisted with preparations of specifications and Request for Proposals for upgrading the HVAC system at Armitage Caddy Shack.
  • Replaced windows, as needed, at the Administration Building
  • Assisted with refurbishing Administration Building Entrance/Reception area.
  • Maintained American flags at Township public buildings using one vendor.
  • In addition to the above, the Facilities division cuts and maintained all the grass and flower beds at Township owned facilities including 23 pump stations, recreation centers, and the PWD Technology Parkway site.
  • Repairing numerous facilities within each building including the rest rooms at the golf course, the Caddy Shack, the Armitage Meeting Room, fire stations, Administration Building and the Recreation center.
  • Excavated and installed stone turnaround at Pump Station No. 3.

Many of the Maintenance personnel have attended various training classes involving Winter Maintenance, Flagging, PA One Call Seminars and Forklift operator training.

Safety training continues and it is our Divisions top priority to have all of our PW personnel issued with OSHA and Penn Dot recognized safety apparel. The entire staff has, and will continue to attend seminars to help develop the new technological skills necessary to cut costs and improve productivity in a safe and efficient manner.