Stuart Odell

Recreation Maintenance Supervisor
Chris Huffer

Golf Course Superintendent
Mark Jacobs

Golf Maintenance Foreman
Scott Zook

Sign Technician
Ernie Hartman

Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Michael McKinney

Duty Crew Leader
Bill Slaseman
Scott McCabe
Phil Burton

Maintenance Worker I:
Glen Herman             
Kyle Altland
Chris McClintock    
Ryan Fausnacht
Rick Bittinger
Doug Morton
John Bowman
Nicholas Spiewak
Timothy Imhoff
Robert Welsh

Maintenance Worker II:
Mike Brown
Dave Drury

Maintenance Worker III:
Bill Ward


The Maintenance Division consists of four sub-divisions.  Each sub-division has specific areas of responsibilities and is staffed according to the specific maintenance and/or project requirement at any given time.  The Maintenance Division consists of the following individuals and is staffed, when warranted, with seasonal/part-time help.


In addition to leaf collection, street sweeping, pot hole repairs and patching, preparation and delivery of compost and tan bark materials, road side mowing and snow removal operations, and parking lot re-striping, the Maintenance Division staff also performs general infrastructure and maintenance work such as:


Inlet repairs

Sanitary sewer repairs

Stormwater sewer inlet repairs


The Facilities Sub-Division staff is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all Township-owned facilities.  This includes managing various annual contracts for HVAC maintenance, as well as over-seeing projects requiring installation of new HVAC systems, and pest control.

Staff also is responsible for making numerous repairs at all Township-owned buildings such as garage doors, bathroom facilities repairs, painting buildings, maintaining turf and flower beds.  Staff replaces windows, tile and carpet, repairs roof leaks, replacement and/or upgrading lights and fixtures at the Township’s parking lots and performs annual water backflow testing at all facilities as required by PA American Water Company.

The Recreation Sub-Division staff maintains all of the Township’s park facilities to include lighted tennis and basketball and volleyball courts, softball, baseball and soccer fields and picnic pavilions located throughout the Township’s various parks.  Staff also performs inspections of all playground equipment and surfacing material, and maintains appropriate inventory of needed materials and supplies for the upkeep of the various recreational facilities.

Armitage Golf Club staff is kept busy maintaining the course on a daily basis, with such tasks as mowing, spraying fairways and approaches for fungus control, top-dressing and fertilizing the greens, maintaining trees located on the course, and preparing the course for numerous outings held throughout the year.

The Township’s sign technician oversees the reflectivity requirements instituted by PennDOT for the safety of motorists and ease of response by emergency responders during night-time call-outs.  The Technician also uses the Township’s portable line painting equipment to delineate cross walks and stop bars.