Director of Public Works
Steven S. Campbell

Asst. Director of Public Works
Jeremy Miller, P.E.

Administrative Assistant
Judy Robinson 

Plan Review and Inspection Group:


Engineering Technician

Ann M. Hursh

GIS Technician

Dennis Heisey

PA One Call Technician

Michael Chittester

Stormwater Information

The Hampden Township Public Works Department officially began operation on January 1, 2010.

This newly created department has combined many of the former maintenance departments of the Township into Three Divisions. The Fleet Division, the Maintenance Division and the Wastewater Division. A total of 46 highly trained, competent personnel work within the three Divisions.

The Public Works Department was created to facilitate and stream-line routine maintenance operations throughout the Township. Additionally, the creation of this Department has helped reduce costs and provide the much needed manpower-support for larger, township-wide projects.

In 2010, the Township eliminated the Engineering Department. The responsibilities and duties of the former Engineering Department have been distributed to the Department of Community Development and the new Plan Review and Inspection Group created within the Public Works Department.

The Plan Review and inspection group is staffed by three full-time employees including the Assistant Director of Public Works, serving as Engineer, a Plan Review Technician, and a GIS Technician. Administrative support is provided by the Public Works Administrative Assistant and Community Development Secretary. The primary responsibility of the Plan Review Inspection Group is to provide project oversight for all new development within the Township via the completion of subdivision and land development plan reviews, and performance of new infrastructure and sewer construction inspections. In total, the Plan Review Inspection Group reviewed eight land development plans, eight subdivisions plans and performed 1,500 hours of construction inspection at five new development sites. The Plan Review and Inspection Group is also responsible for conducting the Township’s annual road inspection and resurfacing schedule, execution of numerous developer agreements, map design, addressing storm water drainage concerns and assisting with Land Development Ordinance revisions.

In 2010, new plan review and inspection fees were adopted in order to help offset the cost for the Township’s oversight of development within the Township. As a result of the Group’s effort, $75,000 was collected for plan review and inspection during the year.

Listed below are the Group’s major accomplishments in 2010 :

  • Performed construction inspection for 12 new developments/construction projects
  • Reviewed eight Land Development Plans
  • Reviewed eight Subdivision Plans
  • Reviewed and issued 249 Street Cut Permits
  • Reviewed and issued 26 Driveway Permits
  • Reviewed and issued five Excavation & Fill Permits


Director of Public Works: Steven S. Campbell

Hampden Township continues to be served by York Waste in accordance with the solid waste contract. The contract provides for the collection of unlimited amounts of solid waste and bulk items placed curbside on a weekly basis. The contract also provides residents with yard waste curbside service between March 1 st and October 31 st . The yard waste is transported to the Township Yard Waste Facility .

The Yard Waste Facility is located at the Public Works Complex off Technology Parkway and is open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. the first and third Saturday of every month, with the exception of January, February and March.

Administrative Tasks Completed in 2010

  • In 2010, the Township reapplied for reimbursement through the Pennsylvania Recycling Grant Program for the cost associated with improvements to the Yard Waste Facility. The total amount of the construction grant was $95,219.00.
  • An application to the Pennsylvania Recycling Grant Program was also submitted for reimbursement in the amount of $12,168 to help offset the cost of recycling bins purchased in 2007. Grant awarded.
  • The Township submitted an application to the Pennsylvania Municipal Performance Grant Program, a performance grant based upon the tons of recyclables collected from residential and commercial properties. Grant amount applied for in 2010 was $118,969.00.
  • The Township also continues to participate in the Cumberland County Recycling & Solid Waste Authority Yard Waste Compost Equipment Program. Equipment used for preparing and composting leaf and yard waste is shared with townships, boroughs and cities within Cumberland County. The Township’s cost for the participation in this program is $5,575.00.

Interesting Facts for 2010

  • Over 2,600 Township residents dropped off yard waste at the Yard Waste Facility.
  • Use of the Yard Waste Facility was made available to landscapers upon receipt of the associated permit and fee.
  • Hampden Township continues the delivery program for tanbark and leaf compost. The cost for delivery to a resident’s home is $75.00 which generated $14,175 in revenue. In comparison, the Township cost for the state-mandated, recycling programs exceeds over $400,000 yearly.
  • York Waste collected approximately 11,200 tons of solid waste from the curbside collection program.
  • Public Works staff ground and composted over 2,500 cubic yards of yard waste utilizing the Cumberland County Recycling and Solid Waste Authority equipment. Tanbark is offered to residents at no cost if picked up.
  • Public Works staff also collected and composted over 10,000 cubic yards of leaves. Leaf compost is also offered to residents at no cost if picked up.
  • Township residents recycled 2,245 tons of aluminum, glass, plastics, cardboard and newspaper.
  • Commercial properties located in the Township recycled over 5,124 tons of high grade office paper, cardboard, glass, plastics and aluminum.