Director of Public Works
Steven S. Campbell

Asst. Director of Public Works
Jeremy Miller, P.E.

Administrative Assistant
Judy Robinson 

Plan Review and Inspection Group:

Engineering Technician
Isaac Sweeney

GIS Technician
Dennis Heisey

PA One Call Technician
Michael Chittester

Stormwater Information


The Public Works Department facilitates and stream-lines routine maintenance operations throughout the Township. Additionally, this Department continues to reduce costs and provide the much needed manpower-support for larger, township-wide projects.

This Department has combined many of the former maintenance departments of the Township into three Divisions – the Fleet Division, the Maintenance Division and the Wastewater Division. A total of 46 highly trained, competent personnel work within the three Divisions.


Director of Public Works: Steven S. Campbell
Assistant Director of Public Works: Jeremy Miller, P.E.
Administrative Assistant: Judy Robinson

Administrative staff is responsible for overseeing all Department contract specifications, equipment purchases and traffic signal maintenance. Staff also provides support and guidance to the numerous tasks assigned to the Department’s various divisions.

During 2013 staff coordinated the Trindle Road Sewer Extension Project in conjunction with the Hampden Township Sewer Authority, various contractors, PennDOT and PA American Water Company. The project culminated in providing public sewer to 120 properties on Trindle Road, Fetrow Drive, with Trindle Road, Fetrow Drive and Sheely Lane being milled and repaved.
Traffic Signals

Evaluated six and 12 month maintenance inspection reports of the 33 traffic signals and one school zone signal and the associated traffic signage requirements as prepared by the Township’s traffic signal maintenance contractor.

Responded to citizens’ calls regarding possible timing issues and/or malfunctioning signals.
Coordinated purchase and installation of 18 controllers placed at signals located on both the Carlisle Pike and Trindle Road.
Updated Trindle Road/Railroad Avenue traffic signal intersection with the addition of a battery back-up and preemption system.
Coordinated installation and purchase of auto transfer generator relays for various traffic signals.
Attended various meetings with PennDOT and contractors regarding the Carlisle Pike Adaptive Signal Control Project.
Approved several loop replacements throughout the Township


Assistant Director of Public Works: Jeremy Miller, P.E.


GIS Technician: Dennis Heisey
One Call Technician: Michael Chittester
Part Time Plan Reviewer/Inspector – Gregory T. Moll

The Plan Review and Inspection Group is staffed by four full-time and one part-time employees including the Assistant Director of Public Works, serving as Engineer, an Engineering Technician, a GIS Technician and a One-Call Technician. Administrative support is provided by the Public Works Administrative Assistant and Community Development Secretary. The primary responsibility of the Plan Review Inspection Group is to provide project oversight for all new development within the Township via the completion of subdivision and land development plan reviews, and performance of new infrastructure and sewer construction inspections. In total, the Plan Review Inspection Group reviewed 33 land development plans and subdivisions plans and performed construction inspections at 12 new development sites. The Plan Review and Inspection Group is also responsible for the execution of numerous developer agreements, map design, addressing storm water drainage concerns and assisting with Land Development Ordinance revisions.

During 2013, staff completed the Annual MS-4 Report for the Township’s storm sewer system, Chapter 94 Wastewater Reports, annual liquid fuels inventory of Township-owned roads, and approximately 3,272 location requests by PA One Call and updated the Township’s GASB-34 information.

Listed below are the Group’s major accomplishments in 2013:

  • Performed construction inspection for 12 new developments/construction projects
  • Reviewed 33 Land Development Plans and Subdivision Plans
  • Reviewed and issued 179 Street Cut Permits
  • Reviewed and issued 119 Driveway Permits
  • Reviewed and issued 8 Excavation & Fill Permits
  • Inspected and marked more than 433 one call utility location resources