Hampden Township Sewer Authority

Regular Meeting Minutes


May 16, 2017 – 7:00 P.M.



Sewer Auth. Members:          Chairman Thomas, Mr. Todaro, Mr. Gaspich, Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Knight

Consultants:                           Solicitors Cooper and Coyne

Commissioners’ Liaison:        Commissioner Thomas

Township Staff:                      Public Works Director Miller and Stormwater Division Superintendent Gralski

Absent:                                   Township Manager Metts

Call To Order

Chairman Thomas called the stormwater portion of the meeting to order at approximately 7:15 p.m. upon conclusion of the sanitary agenda items.  Proof of Publication was available for public inspection.

Audience Participation 

Junior Commissioner Harshan Sivaraju was in attendance.

Stormwater Agenda

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report for the period ending April 30, 2017 was accepted as presented.

Approval of Minutes 

MOTION: by Mr. Todaro approving the minutes of the April 18, 2017 Regular Meeting.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Gaspich carried unanimously.

Approval of Administrative Payments

Check No. 1373 – Goldberg Katzman, P.C. – Professional Services – $45.00

Check No. 1374 – ARCADIS – Professional Services – $4,287.00

Check No. 1375 – HRMM&L – Professional Services – $425.00

MOTION: by Ms. Knight approving the above-described payments.  The motion, was seconded by Mr. Gaspich.

Question on the Motion:  Mr. Gaspich requested an update regarding the work being undertaken by ARCADIS.  Mr. Miller said work on the survey relative to the model has been initiated by ARCADIS.  He noted discussions were also recently held with ARCADIS regarding the scope of the final report in that the report must contain more than guidelines and recommendations but rather it needs to contain a chosen level of service for operation and maintenance.  He said staff will then present the Authority and the Board of Commissioners with information regarding the level of service staff intends to provide for street sweeping, leaf collection and other associated services.   Mr. Miller said upon approval by both the Board and Authority this level of service would be formalized into the Master Study.  He also said he hopes to have ARCADIS provide a presentation to the Authority at its June or July meeting.

Mr. Gaspich also questioned the status of project funding, Mr. Miller said there were no concerns at this point.

Motion carried unanimously.

Right-of-Way Solicitor’s Report

Solicitor Cooper said he had nothing to report at this time.

Solicitor’s Report

Solicitor Coyne said he had nothing to report at this time.

Commissioners’ Liaison Report  

Commissioner Thomas said he would be attending a Chesapeake Bay meeting next month that will be attended by both representatives from the PA Department of Environmental Protection and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency; he asked the members to provide any suggestions/recommendation for presentation at that meeting   He said at some point the members would be faced with making a decision regarding the two governmental agencies that have so far refused to pay their respective stormwater fees.

Regarding the Navy, Mr. Miller said he has a meeting with Navy representatives later this week to discuss flows and how the Navy is calculating flows coming to the Township, as well as flows that do not come to the Township.

Mr. Miller said Special Counsel Hann has what he believes to be a promising lead in scheduling a meeting with the PA Department of Transportation Secretary.  Mr. Miller said he should know within the next week or so if Special Counsel Hann was successful in coordinating that meeting.  Chairman Thomas indicated his desire to attend that meeting.

Township Manager’s Report

Manager Metts was unable to attend the meeting due to a scheduling conflict.  On his behalf, Mr. Miller presented the below-listed transfer requests for consideration:

Expense reimbursement to Hampden Township – $58,750.52

Transfer from Hampden Township – $280,930.17

MOTION: by Ms. Knight approving the above-listed transfers as requested by Mr. Miller on the behalf of Manager Metts.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Todaro, carried unanimously.

Mr. Miller referred the members to information in their meeting packets concerning the PA Chesapeake Bay Watershed Plan Phase 3 Kickoff Meeting scheduled for June 5, 2017.   He said pre-registration is required which can be done on-line; there is no registration fee.

Public Works Department Report

Stormwater Monthly Activities Report – Mr. Gralski highlighted the monthly activity report contained in the meeting packets.  He said annual MS4 training was conducted for the Township’s Public Works Department staff.  Regarding the Master Plan, he said a fair amount of time was spent over the last month concerning the stormwater system in the Delbrook area.  In response to a question from Mr. Todaro, Mr. Gralski said the Township

identified this area and areas north of 581 that may drain into this area as a main flooding concern.  Mr. Miller clarified this by saying the Township provided ARCADIS with concerned locations; ARCADIS will assist in prioritizing and evaluating the known problem areas.  General discussion followed.

Joint Land Use Study – Mr. Miller said the request for proposals was awarded to Matrix; the first step for this undertaking is the development of a management committee and a technical committee.   He said, based upon guidance provided by Matrix, the Authority should be represented by at least one member on each of these committees.  He said the technical committee will be tasked with evaluating problems and hopefully be able to provide alternatives to address those issues and make recommendations to the management committee.  The management committee would turn those recommendations into policy.  Both Chairman Thomas and Mr. Todaro expressed an interest in serving on the committees; the members were asked to advise Mr. Miller of their interest in serving on either of these committees.

Citizen’s Request – Mr. Miller said the Township was in receipt of a private property concern relative to erosion and referred the members to information in their meeting packets regarding this request.  General discussion followed.

Special Counsel Update – Mr. Miller provided the members with Special Counsel Hann’s draft report resulting from his review regarding questions previously submitted by Solicitor Cooper.   Mr. Miller suggested the members review the draft with follow-up discussion at the Authority’s June meeting.

Operation and Maintenance Agreements – Mr. Miller said one property owner returned his agreement with some modifications to the Authority’s standard agreement.  After some discussion, the members directed Mr. Miller to notify the property owner that modifications to the standard agreement would not be entertained by the Authority.

Fertilizer Class Follow-Up – Mr. Miller said not all of the current credit holders were available to attend the recently held session.  In order for those owners to continue to receive credits, staff suggested that the presentation, which was videotaped, be posted on the Township’s website.  Those current credit holders who did not attend the training session would be notified of the availability of the tape; staff would then conduct a follow-up quiz.

Executive Session

MOTION: by Mr. Todaro authorizing an Executive Session for the purpose of discussing potential legal issues.  The motion, seconded by Ms. Knight, carried unanimously.

Chairman Thomas stated, for the record, that an Executive Session was held from approximately 7:20 p.m. to approximately 8:30 p.m. during which no action was taken nor decisions made.


MOTION: by Mr. Todaro adjourning the Regular Meeting at approximately 8:35 p.m.  The motion, seconded by Ms. Knight, carried unanimously.



Judy K. Robinson, Recording Secretary