Hampden Township Sewer Authority

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2017 – 7:00 P.M.


Sewer Auth. Members:                      Chairman Thomas, Mr. Todaro, Mr. Gaspich, Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Knight

Consultants:                                       Solicitors Cooper and Coyne

Commissioners’ Liaison:                    Commissioner Thomas

Township Staff:                                  Manager Metts, Public Works Director Miller and Stormwater Division Superintendent Gralski

Stormwater Related Items/Discussion

Call To Order

Chairman Thomas called the stormwater portion of the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m. upon conclusion of the sanitary portion.  Proof of Publication was available for public inspection.

Audience Participation

Junior Commissioner Harshan Sivarajv attended to observe the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report for the period ending December 31, 2016 was accepted as submitted.

Approval of Minutes

MOTION: by Ms. Knight approving the December 20, 2016 stormwater meeting minutes.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Sullivan, carried unanimously.

Approval of Administrative Expenses

Check No. 1336 – Coyne & Coyne, P.C. – Professional Services – $1,575.00

Check No. 1337 – Goldberg Katzman, P.C. – Professional Services – $98.00

Check No. 1338 – HRMM&L, P.C. – Professional Services – $3,325.00

MOTION: by Mr. Todaro approving the above-listed payments.  The motion, seconded by Ms. Knight, carried unanimously.

Right-of-Way Solicitor’s Report

Solicitor Cooper said he had no stormwater-related items for discussion this evening.

Solicitor’s Report

Solicitor Coyne said he did not have any stormwater-related items for discussion at this time.

Commissioner’s Liaison Report

Chairman Thomas said he hopes to be able to schedule an informal meeting with the Township’s State Senator and State Representative and asked the members to provide written suggestions for that potential meeting to Manager Metts.  Manager Metts said a tentative date for that meeting is January 27.

Chairman Thomas said staff is attempting to schedule a workshop with Special Counsel Hann as well for the evening of either January 24 or January 26.  Manager Metts said if action is not anticipated, advertisement would not be required but offered to arrange for the advertisement once the date and time have been confirmed.

General discussion followed after which Mr. Miller was requested to advise Special Counsel Hann to draft a response to the Navy for review by the members; a workshop would be scheduled after that review, if necessary.

Manager Metts offered to discuss the status of the Navy and PennDOT with Special Counsel Hann.  Chairman Thomas said he hoped to discuss PennDOT’s status with the Township’s legislators.

Township Manager’s Report

Manager Metts requested the Authority‘s approval of the below-listed expense and transfer amounts:

Expense reimbursement to Hampden Township – $51,192.69

Transfer from Hampden Township – $5,279.09

MOTION: by Ms. Knight approving the above listed expense and transfer amounts as requested by Manager Metts.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Todaro, carried unanimously.

Director of Public Works Report

Stormwater Monthly Report – Mr. Gralski reviewed the Stormwater Division monthly report, included in the members’ packets.  He noted there are approximately 250 privately owned Best Management Practices (BMPs); approximately 195 owners of those BMPs received letters regarding inspections of those BMPs.

Mr. Gralski also reported two separate Growing Greener grant applications were submitted to the PA Department of Environmental Protection.  One of the applications represents a rain garden at Armitage Golf Club; the second application is for pervious paving on Simie Street.

In response to a question from Mr. Gaspich regarding the work schedule of ARCADIS, Mr. Miller said ARCADIS recently visited the Township in order to perform initial inspections of some public and private facilities and began data collection.

Referring to the monthly report, Manager Metts requested background information regarding the Purina site and questioned if it would be appropriate to consider billing for staff’s time.   Mr. Miller said Purina is not discharging into public facilities but there is a large detention area that they discharge into via an outfall.  He said, in theory, if there is sufficient rain, that area may overflow into the Cedar Run Water Shed and agreed that staff could consider billing for its time. He also said the Township’s stormwater ordinance provides a fine for non-compliance and noted Purina has remediated the situation.

Mr. Todaro requested an update on the pilot project located at the Hampden Park Pool Complex.  Mr. Miller said the wells are functioning well.  He noted, however, there was an issue with  the plantings and after a meeting with the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC), it was agreed that SRBC would retain the services, through the grant funds, a landscape architect to replant and maintain the area for the first two years of operation.

Mr. Miller further reported that SRBC has volunteered to assist the Township in applying for additional grant applications which could include an injection well the Delbrook area.


MOTION: by Ms. Knight adjourning the Regular Meeting at 7:45 p.m.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Todaro, carried unanimously.


Judy K. Robinson

Recording Secretary