Township staff has recently received a number of calls from residents concerning businesses trying to sell services such as chimney sweeping, replacement of doors, windows, siding, shingles and driveway sealing.

Here are a few things to remember when entertaining proposals for services such as these:

1) Township Ordinances do NOT require chimneys to be cleaned over a specific period of time. This decision is to be made solely by the homeowner. While it is prudent to clean your chimney on a regular basis, homeowners need to consult with a reputable business to determine the frequency and best practice for doing so. If a company tells you that Hampden Township Ordinances require you to have your chimney swept, they are not providing you with factual information.

2) Contractors and businesses who preform door-to-door solicitation of services are required to have a Peddlers’ Permit issued by the Township. This process includes a background check on the applicant and, if approved for a Peddler’s Permit, the Township issues the person a card authorizing them to perform door-to-door solicitation. More details about this requirement can be found here.  If a person does not have a permit to present to you, please immediately call the Hampden Township Police Department at 761-2609 and provide a description of the person to include clothing, direction of travel and type of vehicle. As a reminder, for emergency situations, you are always asked to call 9-1-1.

3) If you are home alone, do NOT leave the interior of your home to talk to the individual. Doing so could unnecessarily expose you to harm or allow a second party to enter the rear of your residence to steal your valuables.

4) If you are outside doing yard work, and no one else is home, it is advisable to lock your doors. Every year, the Police Department receives reports of property being stolen from inside the house while residents were mowing the grass or performing other types of work outdoors.