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February 4, 2015

Welcome, everyone, to Hampden’s Website. Our purpose, of course, is to share with you news and information that is relevant and timely, so, if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this website, please feel free to send us an email.

s/ Keith B. Metts, Township Manager


Planning Commission

At the January 29, 2015 Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board took action to:

Approve, with conditions, the Preliminary Final Land Development Plan for the Woods at Creeekview, located at the intersection of Havenwood Court and Grandon Way.

Accept Alpha Consulting Engineers, Inc. proposal to table the Hunter’s Glen Preliminary Subdivision Plan until further notice and approve a time limit extension on the plan until May 31, 2015.


Public Works Department

At the January 29, 2015 Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board took action to:

Approve the purchase of a 2015 Dodge D4500 4X2 chassis from Hondru Fleet, at a cost of $42,955.46 through Co-Stars Contract #25-201.

Approve the rechassis of an ambulance box unit from Spitler Vehicle Specialties at a cost not to exceed $70,903.00 through Co-Stars Contract# 13-079 to include the installation of a Stryker Power Load System Kit at a cost not to exceed $24,481.00 through Co-Stars Contract#13-079 and declare a 2007 Ford F-450 chassis surplus.

Authorize reduction of Bryn Mawr Trust Letter of Credit No. 888 from $534,392.43 to $493,140.43 for site work completed in association with the Admiral’s Quay Land Development project.

Authorize reduction of security held for ARP Wertzville Road, LLC from $2,885,587.65 to $302,108.00 for site work completed in association with the Hampden Marketplace Land Development project.

Approve release of recreation fee escrow to J.C. Bar Development, LLC in the amount of $4,410.00 and to ARP Wertzville Road, LLC in the amount of $22,155.00. Dedication and acceptance of recreation land has been completed.

Approve the purchase of a Diamond Replacement Boom 50” Rotary Head Mower from U.S. Municipal at a cost of $21,219.71 through Co-Stars Contract# 4400011403 and declare the existing boom mower as surplus.

Approve the purchase of a 2007 JLG Electric Scissor Lift through Best Line Equipment at a cost of $8,900.00 through Co-Stars Contract# 4400013080.

Approve the purchase of a 2016 Mack Chassis through Legacy Truck Centers at a cost of $80,624.55 through Co-Stars Contract# 025-022 and declare a 2002 Sterling Chassis and bed as surplus.

Approve the purchase of a R&S Godwin Aluminum Dump Body with LTB Central Hydraulic System Viking plow hitch at a cost of $48,840.00 through Co-Stars Contract#25-206.


Emergency Services

Hampden’s Emergency Medical Services Department conducts an annual drive for family and individual subscriptions to finance operations.  I encourage you to take advantage of the subscription offer.  The EMS Department provides emergency medical coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week to residents and visitors of the Township and neighboring Shiremanstown and other communities. Subscribers also receive Advance Life Support service from West Shore EMS.

Annual Membership fees are $105 for a household and $75 for an individual. The fee provides unlimited emergency calls for residents. The Township also partially funds operational expenses.

The Township EMS, founded in 1975, cost more than $1 million annually to operate and is staffed round-the-clock by paid professional EMTs who answer around 3,000 calls a year, according to William Cook, EMS Director.

As a reminder, Township ordinance requires that each residence in the Township be visibly marked with its street number. The purpose for this is to facilitate finding your home in case of an emergency. Our ambulance and volunteer fire company are asking that those address numbers be as large as possible and placed conspicuously so that precious seconds can be gained in an attempt to find you in your time of need.

A copy of the Family Preparedness Guide is available electronically by selecting this link.

In this continued time of uncertainty, be assured that Hampden Township has a detailed and frequently reviewed Emergency Operations Plan. The plan outlines specific procedures for Township officials to follow in order to protect your life and property. Because there are many different scenarios that may constitute an emergency, the Commissioners would like to remind residents that your best source of information will come from your local radio and/or television stations.  Hampden Township and the South Central Task Force also provide emergency email alert notifications via email.  Sign up for the service by clicking here.  If an evacuation is ever required, Township Police and Fire Police will assume control. The Township recommends that you always have basic emergency essentials such as flashlights, radios and extra batteries in your home.


Armitage Golf Club

Armitage Golf Club, routinely voted as “Simply The Best” public course, now offers Coporate Sponsorship Opportunities.

Each tee box sponsorship includes a bench, ball washer, hole layout, trash and recycling receptacles and, of course, a 12” x 17” sign with your company logo and name. Additionally, as a tee box sponsor, your company will be recognized on our website with a direct link to your website. This will encourage patrons who access our website to learn more about your business as well. Along with the attractive and highly visible advertising, your company will also receive 20 complimentary rounds of golf, excluding a cart, to be used each year of your sponsorship.

The greenside bunker renovation is underway at Armitage.  The project is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.  The bunkers will look great in the Spring of 2015 so be sure to come out and play a round of golf!

SEE OUR SEPARATE WEBSITE @ for additional information

A current resident ID card is required in order to obtain a resident discount on greens fees and cart rentals and can be obtained free-of-charge from the Recreation Department with proof of residency.

For a great dining experience, please visit The Caddy Shack or schedule a banquet at the Armitage Meeting Room!


Yard Waste Recycling

The yard waste facility remains open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday, without an appointment. The facility will be open the first and third Saturday of each month from April to December, 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM without an appointment. A Resident ID card is required and residents are asked to enter the drop-off site from Technology Parkway in the Cumberland Technology Park. The facility is closed on holidays and during inclement weather.

When a supply exists, leaf compost and tan bark may be picked up at the Yard Waste Facility. The product must be loaded by the resident and no private-loading equipment will be permitted on the premises.

Commercial landscapers are permitted unlimited drop off at the Yard Waste Facility, even if the waste was not generated within Hampden Township. An application must be completed and payment made at the Hampden Township Municipal Building prior to a commercial landscaper’s vehicle arriving at the Yard Waste Facility. The vehicle must be identified with the company’s logo. An application form is available at the Township Municipal Building or from the following link. The cost to a commercial landscaper is $750.00 annually.



The Board of Commissioners would like to take this opportunity to remind you that the current Hampden Township real estate tax rate is .156 mills which means for a home assessed at $100,000 a resident would pay $15.60 a year in real estate taxes to the Township. The School District and the Township are separate taxing bodies and the Township receives no tax revenue from the School District and there is no revenue sharing between the two.



At the January 29, 2015 Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Board took action to:   

Approve Ordinance No. 2015-03, an ordinance amending Chapter 16, Part 1 of the Hampden Township Code of Ordinances with Respect to Rules and Regulations in Certain Recreation Facilities.

Extend the term of Contract No. 90-08-03-26, Swimming Pool Concession Stand, from April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016.

Approve execution of an agreement with Central Pennsylvania Energy Consortium for 2015-2016 Gas and Diesel requirements.

Approve a not-to-exeed change order with HRG for the traffic signal design at St. John’s Drive and Industrial Park Road.

Direct staff to meet with the Chairman of the Veterans Recognition Committee and their consultant from Century Engineering to plan for the submission of a DCNR grant and direct the Veteran’s Recognition Committee to commit to the financial match requirement of the grant.

Contingently approve a municipal contribution of $2,000.00 to the Fredricksen Library in exchange for summer reading programs for kids being held at the Hampden Township Recreation Building.

Approve requests for donations of greens fees from Sporting Hill Elementary School, Silver Spring Elementary School and Hampden Elementary School.

Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of January 2015.

Cancel the February 3, 2015 meeting with the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on February 26, 2015.

Conditionally appoint Derek Day to the position of Patrolman effective July 13, 2015, serving a one-year, probationary period, and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Hampden Township Police Association Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Policies and Procedures Manual, as applicable. Derek Day has been certified to the December 11, 2014 Eligibility List by the Hampden Township Civil Service Commission. The conditional appointment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of a polygraph, physical and psychological medical examinations to be conducted by vendors of the Township’s choosing, and the required MPOETC course and test in order to be certified in Pennsylvania, as applicable. Except as otherwise provided in the collective bargaining agreement, nothing in this conditional appointment shall create a contract of employment for any period of time.

Authorize the President of the Board of Commissioners, Township Manager and Solicitor to develop documentation for the potential offering of sale of Township property at 207-209 S. Sporting Hill Road.

Approve Trick-or-Treat night being held on October 31 unless it falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday then it would be held the Thursday prior.

As a reminder, if you belong to a club or civic association which desires to participate in the Township’s Adopt-A-Highway Program, please click here to obtain the details about the program and complete an application.

Please remember that trees must be trimmed to a height of 8 feet above all sidewalks and 12-1/2 feet above all streets. The sole purpose of this ordinance is for the safety of pedestrians and larger vehicles which must navigate our streets, particularly emergency services vehicles and street sweepers.

We would like to remind everyone that, if you have a fire hydrant on your property, welcomed or not, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain the area surrounding the fire hydrant to keep it clear of all obstruction. This includes grass, weeds and, unfortunately, snow. We appreciate your cooperation and hope that you realize the work that you put in greatly enhances your safety and that of your neighbors.

Please be aware of the requirement to have your dog licensed annually. Dog licenses can be purchased at the Hampden Township Municipal Building. Please see our receptionist to complete an application and obtain a license.

Meals on Wheels is a charitable organization that helps many residents within the Township and the Commissioners have agreed to proportionately support this program in order to assist our needy, less-fortunate neighbors.  The “Meals on Wheels” program needs drivers on the West Shore.


Bill of Rights

The PA Tax Reform Act, passed as PA Act 50, concerned itself primarily with the ability of school districts to relax their reliance on real estate tax. However, the Tax Reform Act also gave you, the taxpayer, the entitlement to receive a written explanation of your rights with regard to the audit, appeal, enforcement, refund, and collection of all local taxes. Accordingly, the Hampden Township Board of Commissioners has adopted the Hampden Township Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights covers topics such as municipal requests of information from you, the occurrence of a suspected tax over or underpayment, and the process to be followed during a tax appeal. If you ever have any questions about your rights as a taxpayer, a copy of the Bill of Rights is available at the Township office or, if you call the staff at 761-0119, we’ll gladly mail you one — or you can download it from here on our Web site.