Please be advised that the Hampden Township Police Department has recently noticed an increase in residential burglaries within Hampden Township and in other municipalities in the West Shore area. A recent burglary occurred in a home located in a neighboring municipality. In this case, the burglar was interrupted by a family member coming home from school. In this incident, the suspect is described as a white male, thin build, approximately 20 yrs. No vehicle was parked in the immediate vicinity.

In the past two weeks, Hampden Township Police Department has investigated five burglaries. One in Pinehurst, one in Indian Creek, one in Country Club Park, one in Pinebrook and Kingswood. At this time, there is no indication that the incidents are related to one another. Through investigation, the Indian Creek incident has been solved. The burglary that occurred in Country Club Park may be related to other residential burglaries occurring in neighboring municipalities. Please note that these burglaries are occurring during all hours of the day. The Hampden Township Police Department is diligently working with a number of police departments to solve these cases.


If you find that your home has been burglarized, for your safety, stay outside and call 911.
It may be advisable for you to notify your neighbors when you are away and encourage them to call 911 if something suspicious occurs on your property. If you have an alarm system, please ensure you use it as warranted. If you are working in your yard, make sure all of your exterior doors are closed and locked.

Please call the Police Department via Cumberland County dispatch (238-9676 or 911) if any of the following occurs:

– A stranger comes to your door and asks if someone you don’t know is home, and apologizes for having the wrong address;
– Someone rings your doorbell and no one is at the door when you respond;
– Someone is soliciting or attempting to sell you items/services at your home and does not have an approved Hampden Township Peddler’s Permit which is required by ordinance;
– Or if someone does have a permit and you are not sure of its validity. If you can safely do so, obtain a description of the person(s), as well as, any vehicle being used and the direction of travel.

Be advised that other jurisdictions are seeing thefts of tools from sheds and residents are reminded to not leave anything of value in your vehicle which can easily be stolen.