Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2014     7:30 p.m.


Planning Commission Members 

Chairman, Phil Klotz
Vice Chairman, Ronald Stephens
Member, Craig Mellott
Member, Justin Leventry
Member, Claudia Williams

Commissioner Liaison 

Nathan Silcox

County Planning Commission

Jeffrey Kelly

Township Staff 

Manager, Keith Metts
Assistant Manager, David Blechertas
Assistant Zoning Officer, Darrell McMillan
Assistant Director of Public Works, Jeremy Miller- Absent
Recording Secretary, Rita Finkboner

Pledge of Allegiance

Chairman Klotz led the audience in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Call to Order by Chairman Klotz

Chairman Klotz called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and stated Proof of Publication was available for public inspection.

Approval of the Minutes

MOTION    by Vice Chairman Stephens to approve the Planning Commission Meeting Minutes of
July 10, 2014.

Vice Chairman Stephens said the motion for Avery Glen needed to be amended to the following:

MOTION:        by Vice Chairman Stephens to recommend approval to the Board of Commissioners the Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for Avery Glen Subdivision, located at 2215 and 2245 Lamb’s Gap Road, PC File # 14-06-01,with a Time Limit Deadline of September 10, 2014, granting the request of waivers for Preliminary Plan, permanent cul-de-sac length greater than 600 feet conditioned upon providing an all-weather emergency access acceptable to staff, partial waiver of the requirement for sidewalks along Reed Lane conditioned upon providing crosswalks across Reed Lane to the existing walking path, and a partial waiver of sidewalks along Lamb’s Gap Road. The granting approval of the plan conditioned upon providing pedestrian access via easement across the proposed emergency access from Lamb’s Gap Road to Lehman Drive and providing sidewalks along Lamb’s Gap Road from the proposed emergency access to the northern property boundary.  The material, alignment, and profile of the access are to be approved by Township staff.  The motion is also conditioned on addressing all Township Plan Review Comments, Zoning Review Comments, and Cumberland County Comments, and providing a sewer easement across the proposed open space to serve the southernmost lots along Lamb’s Gap Road. The motion, seconded by Mr. Mellott, carried unanimously.

Vice Chairman asked for a word change in the Wendy’s motion from approve, to “resolution of Township and County comments, approval of the preliminary waiver requirement, installation of sidewalks along the portions of Skyport Road in front of 5 Skyport Road and the existing Wendy’s property along Skyport Road.

The motion, seconded by Mr. Leventry, carried unanimously.

New Business

Final Land Development Plan for Jamestown Square, located at the northeast corner of
Skyport Road/Westover Drive, 22 Duplex Units, 5.3 acres, zoned P-R-D, owned by
Keeley and Co., Inc., submitted by Madden Engineering Services

Chairman Klotz noted the plan has been tabled at the applicant’s request.

Request consideration for a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment by Keys-Pealers, LTD
(Pealer’s Flowers) and other property owners amending Chapter 27 of the Hampden
Township Zoning Ordinance.

Stephen Dzuranin of Wix, Wenger & Weidner, Mr. and Ms. Keys, the owners of Pealer’s Flowers, and Jim Ross of NAICIR were present to speak concerning the proposed map amendment change.

Mr. Ross reviewed the particular businesses and addresses included in the area of the zoning change request. He said all the properties are currently zoned Commercial Limited and would be changed to Commercial General.

Mr. Ross said by allowing the zoning change, it would bring some of the current uses into conformity with the Commercial General zoning ordinance. Mr. Ross said one of the potential uses in the zone would be fast food restaurant with a drive through.

Mr. Dzuranin said prior to the 1994 Comprehensive Plan, some of the properties in this request were zoned Commercial General. He said there was a concern about traffic and he said now the traffic has been alleviated to a large extent by the traffic lights on Trindle Road. He said the size of the some of the properties lend themselves to greater and bigger uses.

Mr. Dzuranin said they have provided some letters of support from the properties that would be affected.

Mr. Dzuranin said that there is a request for a revision to the Township’s Comprehensive Plan that is required by the Municipalities Planning Code.

Manager Metts said the Township has received letters of support, but he could not confirm that the Township was provided with a list of all the letters of support. He said as it relates to the Comprehensive Plan update, he would have to defer to the Township Solicitor that this request could take the lead to any change to the 1994 Comprehensive Plan.

Manager Metts said Mr. Getz had indicated that if it was required that the Comprehensive Plan be changed in conjunction with tonight’s request, that the applicant would pay the cost associated with that hearing and any amendments relative with this request. Mr. Dzuranin replied that they would agree with that request.

Mr. McMillan said the rezoning of that area from Commercial General to Commercial Limited was completed around 1992 when Commercial Limited was created.

Mr. Kelly said he took a look at the County’s Comprehensive Plan and it is consistent with the commercial use. He said they do not differentiate between light commercial and/or a heavy commercial use.

Mr. Kelly said a portion of the rezoning request abuts Camp Hill Borough and asked what type of land use is being used there. Mr. McMillan replied that is an existing residential use. Mr. Dzuranin said the Camp Hill properties were also zoned residential before the area was changed to Commercial Limited.

Mr. Mellott said they have seen this type of request derailed before without proper pubic advertisement. He suggested that the applicant reach out to the neighboring properties as soon as possible. Ms. Keys said she has already contacted some owners in the area.

Vice Chairman Stephens asked if the traffic issues on Trindle Road have been resolved due to the traffic lights that were installed. Mr. Mellott said maybe not resolved totally but applicants would have to apply for a Highway Occupancy Permit through PennDOT turning on to Trindle Road. They are the ones that would approve any improvements.

Ms. Williams said she was interested in learning about the properties for sale in the area of the potential rezoning. She asked how long the properties have been for sale. Mr. Ross said the Pealer’s campus available for sale for about a year and a half. He said there has been some interest from some uses that are currently not allowed in the Commercial Limited zone.

Chairman Klotz said the traffic lights have improved Trindle Road. He said he was unsure how the additional commercial general uses would affect traffic. He said providing a traffic analysis might be useful for this request.

Mr. Mellott said a big difference between C-G and C-L is drive through and the fuel component. He said those types of uses predominately attract traffic that is already out on the road.

Chairman Klotz said in the application the word “relief” is used for the property owners. He said he associates the word “relief” in a different context. He said his primary concern is the fact that the Township is working on the Special Development District and updating the Comprehensive Plan. He said this area was being viewed as a more urban mixed use. He said he was concerned that going more commercial general in this point in time may be not in line with what the Township is considering.

Ms. Williams asked if there was concern that moving forward with this request would negatively impact the potential Comprehensive Plan. Chairman Klotz said it depends on how closely the Township stays on schedule with adoption of the Comprehensive Plan and the Special Development District. Manager Metts said the Special Development district is an overlay district and would not affect the original zoning classifications.

MOTION    by Vice Chairman Stephens to recommend approval to the Board of Commissioners the request for consideration for a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment by Keys-Pealer’s, LTD (Pealer’s Flowers) and other property owners amending Chapter 27 of the Hampden Township Zoning Ordinance, with the knowledge that the Comprehensive Plan and the Special Development District be the footprint of the future. The motion, seconded by
Mr. Mellott.

Discussion on motion:
Chairman Klotz said to check with the Township Solicitor to see what is recommended on this request.
Manager Metts said he certainly would when the time is right. He said he imagines that the applicant’s
attorney knows whether the Comprehensive Plan would need to be amended.

The motion passed unanimously.


MOTION     by Vice Chairman Stephens to adjourn the Planning Commission Meeting.  The motion, seconded by Mr. Mellott, carried unanimously.

Chairman Klotz adjourned the meeting at approximately 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Rita Finkboner, Recording Secretary