March 12, 2015 – 7:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

5. Old Business
a. Comprehensive Plan Update

b. Final Land Development Plan for Jamestown Square, located at the Northeast corner of
Skyport Road/Westover Drive, 22 Duplex Units, 5.3 acres, zoned P-R-D, owned by
Keeley and Co., Inc., submitted by Madden Engineering Services. -TABLED
PCFile#14-08-01 TLD: June 30, 2015

c. Preliminary Subdivision Plan for Hunters Glen, located on the west side of Hunter Drive, 2 lots in Hampden Township, 72.5 acres, zoned Residential Country, owned by the Estate of Oliver and Mary Rosenberg c/o Adam R. Deluca, Esquire, submitted by Alpha Consulting Engineers.
PCFile#14-11-02 TLD: May 31, 2015

d. Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for Cumberland Technology Park Lots 13 & 14 and Harbilas Tract Subdivision, located at Technology Parkway and Good Hope Road,
6 lots, 118.6 acres, zoned Office Park, owned by Mount Zion Associates, LP, submitted by H. Edward Black & Associates. -TABLED
PCFile#14-11-03 TLD: July 20, 2015

e. Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Islamic Center of PA, located at 5138 East Trindle Road, 1 lot, 1.975 acres, zoned Commercial Limited, owned by Islamic Center of PA, submitted by Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. -TABLED
PCFile#14-12-01 TLD: April 30, 2015

f. Request for Zoning Text Amendment to Hampden Township Zoning Ordinance Chapter 27, Part 17, Section 1721 adding new definitions for Interchange Commercial Park and New Regulations for Signs within an Interchange Commercial Park. -TABLED
6. New Business
a. Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for TRAC, located at 4910 Simpson Ferry Road, 2 lots, 2.04 acres, zoned Commercial Limited, owned by 4910 SF, LTD, submitted by Advantage Engineering Services, LLC.
PCFile#15-03-01 TLD: June 10, 2015

b. Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan for 5267 Simpson Ferry Road, located at 5267 Simpson Ferry Road, 1 Existing Lot and 1 Proposed Lot, 6.987 acres, zoned Commercial General, owned by Howard and Randall Hirsch Partnership, LLC, submitted by PennTerra Engineering, Inc. - TABLED
PCFile#15-03-02 TLD: June 10, 2015

c. Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for 3913 and 3915 Market Street, located at
3913 and 3915 Market Street, 1 Lot, 1.43 acres, zoned Apartment Office Limited, owned by Huan B. Lee, submitted by H. Edward Black & Associates.
PCFile#15-03-03 TLD: June 10, 2015

7. Good & Welfare