June 8, 2017 – 7:00 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Approval of Minutes

4. Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

5. Old Business

a. Preliminary/Final Revised Land Development Plan for West Shore Office Park, located at
5000-5012 Lenker Street, one lot, 5.18 acres, zoned Commercial Limited, (Mixed Use Overlay District), owned by West Shore Office Park, Inc., submitted by R. J. Fisher and Associates, Inc. – TABLED PER APPLICANT
PC File #16-05-01 TLD: November 6, 2017

b. Final Land Development Plan for 5130 E. Trindle Road Self Service Storage, located at
5130 E. Trindle Road, one lot, 5.36 acres, zoned Commercial Limited, owned by Braam Hattingh, submitted by Hoover Engineering Services, Inc.
PC File #17-04-01 TLD: July 12, 2017

c. Preliminary/ Final Subdivision and Land Development Plan Union Flats (formerly known as Sporting Hill Villas), located on South Sporting Hill Road, two lots, 21.90 acres, zoned Apartment Office Limited, owned by New Sporting Hill Associates, LP, submitted by Alpha Consulting Engineers, Inc.
PC File #17-05-01 TLD: August 9, 2017

6. New Business

a. Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Landover Court 6-Unit, located on Landover Court off Valley Road, one existing lot, 4.2 acres, zoned Apartment Office, owned by Fishing Creek Valley Associates, LP, submitted by Mellot Engineering, Inc.
PC File #17-06-01 TLD: September 6, 2017

b. Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for 5020 Erb’s Bridge Road, located at 5020 Erb’s Bridge Road, one, lot, 29,052.98 sq. f.t., zoned Residential Suburban, owned by Shirley Norton, submitting by Akens Engineering Assoc. Inc. – TABLED BY APPLICANT
PC File #17-06-2 TLD: September 6, 2017

7. Good & Welfare

a. Discussion regarding traffic analysis for land development plans

060817a draft