The National Weather Service forecast for this evening through tomorrow calls for snow accumulations in excess of 12 inches for the Central Pennsylvania area. As always, residents who have an emergency situation are reminded to call 911.

As a result of the current forecast, the Township has declared a “Limited Snow Emergency”. A Limited Snow Emergency can be declared whenever street conditions are expected to become dangerous because of snow accumulation or when eight or more inches of snow is forecasted. The Limited Snow Emergency will take effect at 9 p.m. on March 13 and continue until Wednesday, March 15 at 6 a.m.

During the Limited Snow Emergency, the parking of vehicles on any street, road or highway is banned.

Residents are reminded to not shovel or blow snow onto plowed or treated streets as the Township has an ordinance that prohibits this.

Residents who have a fire hydrant located on their property are also asked to keep it clear of snow with a recommended three foot radius of clearance. This will assist the Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company with locating and making use of the hydrant in an emergency. Residents who have natural gas furnace are reminded to keep the outside exhaust vent clear of snow and ice so the system operates effectively and vents properly.

Hampden Township staff would like to remind you of the following:

Plowing of streets will begin when snow accumulations reach three (3) inches. Until such time that plowing of streets is required, crews will treat the roads with salt and anti-skid, as needed. Township crews will respond accordingly as storm conditions require.

Top priorities for roads which are maintained by the Township include; Orr’s Bridge Road, Good Hope Road, Lamb’s Gap Road, Salem Church Road, Creekview Road, Central Boulevard, Erb’s Bridge Road, Skyport Road, Sporting Hill Road and Technology Parkway.

Please be advised that PennDOT is responsible for winter maintenance on a number of roads within the Township to include the Carlisle Pike, Trindle Road, Simpson Ferry Road, St. John’s Church Road, Railroad Avenue, Sheely Lane, Wertzville Road and Valley Road. Concerns about these and other State roadways may be reported to PennDOT at 1-800-Fix-Road.

Once plowing is required, and after the main roads are clear and remain passable, road crews will strive to open the principal access road to each development. However, if main roads require additional attention, development plowing may have to be delayed. After the snow has stopped falling, plows will return to the developments to make a pass on each of the roads in each direction.

SANITARY SEWER SERVICE: Residents and commercial property owners who are experiencing a sanitary sewer blockage or backup are reminded to notify the Township Roth Lane Treatment Plant at 761-7963 before calling a plumber. Township staff will verify if the sewer main located in the street is open. If necessary, an inspection of the six-inch lateral from the sewer main to the curb or right-of-way will be scheduled during normal business hours.

PUBLIC UTILITIES: Other phone numbers or contact information for problems with public utilities include:

PPL encourages customers to report a power outage online at or by calling 1-800-DIAL-PPL (800-342-5775). Notifying PPL helps them to better understand the scope of the outage and assignment of the right resources for repairs. Sign up for PPL Alerts at for updates on the restoration of power at your home or business.

Other Public Utilities include: PA American Water – 800-565-7292; Suez (formerly United Water) – 888-299-8972; UGI – 800-609-4844.

Residents are reminded that trees on their property, which may be damaged due to the storm, are their responsibility to clean up. If a tree falls within the roadway, Township crews will, as soon as possible, clear the roadway by moving the fallen tree back on to the property from which it fell for safe travel and access by emergency responders, as needed.

RESIDENTIAL TRASH AND RECYCLING SERVICE: The Township’s residential trash and recycling service provider may have to cancel collection services during the storm. If this occurs, the Township will post a notice on its website as soon as practical and will advise residents of the rescheduled collection day. Residents may call the Republic Services’ Call Center at 1-800-210-9675 for more details.

Emergency E-mail Notifications – Be Prepared

To learn more about Hampden Township’s Emergency E-mail Alert Service or The South Central Task Force’s public mass emergency notification system, please use the following link:

Following is a link to the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety’s Emergency Preparedness Guide