Agenda Meeting – Room 202
October 2, 2014            7:30 p.m.


1.    Call to Order by President Bienstock – Proof of Publication

2.    Pledge of Allegiance

3.    Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

4.    Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the August 28 Agenda Meeting Minutes and September 10, 2014 Workshop Meeting Minutes.

5.    Planning Commission
(a)    Final Land Development/Subdivision Plan for Mechanicsburg Family Dentistry, located at 4824 and 4826 East Trindle Road, 1 Lot, 1.869 acres (after subdivision), zoned A-O-L, owned by Spirit Master Funding VI, LLC, and Harry and Phyllis Hershey, submitted by PennTerra Engineering, Inc. Planning Commission File# 14-09-01, with a time limit deadline of December 10, 2014.  The Planning Commission recommended approval contingent upon (1) Addressing all Township Plan Review Comments; (2) Addressing all Township Zoning Review Comments; (3) Addressing all Cumberland County Comments; and (4) Approval by the Assistant Director of Public Works.
(Request received by developer to table the plan)
Waiver Requests Include the Following:
L.D.O. Section 304.3.A.1- Waiver from the submission of a Preliminary Plan.
L.D.O. Section 504.2.B-  Waiver from additional Right-of-Way.
6.    Zoning Hearing Board – October 15, 2014

Appeal No. 14-07 (Decision)

The McNaughton Company, Applicant, subject property is 2250 Lambs Gap Road, Hampden Township, Enola, PA 17025 (R-C and PRD Zones), appealing the Zoning Officer’s determination.

7.    Monthly Report from Police Chief Junkin

8.    Director of Public Works – Steven S. Campbell

(a)    Authorize issuance of Notice of Award, Agreement and Notice to Proceed to IPR for Contract No. 2014-06 2014 Sanitary Sewer System Mainline Lining Project at a cost of $673,887.50, contingent upon review and approval of bonding, insurances and contract agreement by staff and Solicitor.

(b)    Approve an agreement for design specifications of a HVAC system at the Caddy Shack Restaurant.

(c)    Approve a proposal from Findley’s Construction Company Inc. for cart path paving at Armitage Golf Course at a cost not to exceed $7,000.00.  Paving material to be purchased through COG Contract at a cost not to exceed $9,000.00.

(d)    Authorize advertisement of Request for Bids for Ultraviolet Disinfection Tubes for the Wastewater Division.

(e)    Approve the purchase of a Ventrac Mower for Armitage Golf Club at a cost of $27,221.36 through Co-Stars Contract 4400011404.

(f)    Approve a proposal from Blaine Incorporated to perform paving repairs to Barbara Drive at a cost not to exceed $8,300.00.  Paving material to be purchased through the COG Contract at a cost not to exceed $6,000.00.

(g)    Declare the 1995 fire ladder truck chassis as surplus.

(h)    Monthly report from the Public Works Director.

9.    Township Manager’s Report – Keith B. Metts

(a)    Approve conditional appointment of recommended applicant to the position of Wastewater Utility Worker I, Public Works Department,
Grade 3, to serve a six-month probationary period upon completion of a satisfactory background check.

(b)    Approve full time, regular employment for Network Technician, Rodney Copenhaven, Sr., effective October 14, 2014, after successful completion of a probationary period.

(c)    Authorize issuance of Notice of Award, Agreement and Notice to Proceed to Republic Services of PA LLC for Contract No. 2014-05 Solid Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal Services and Recycling Collection, Transportation and Processing Services from Dwelling Units within Hampden Township at a cost of $15.50 per month, contingent upon review and approval of bonding, insurances and contract agreement by staff and Solicitor.

(d)    Task the Civil Service Commission with conducting oral exams and certifying an eligibility list for vacant Patrol Officer Position(s).

(e)    Approve Resolution No. 14-36 for the purpose of establishing depository accounts for fees associated with Basic Life Support Services provided by Hampden Township EMS.

(f)    Approve final execution of a lease with West Shore ALS for use of the Good Hope Station.

(g)    Approve a Billing Agreement with West Shore ALS for services associated with Medicare claims.

(h)    Approve a 36 month Electricity Procurement Agreement with Constellation through the Municipal Utility Alliance.

(i)    Authorize staff to approve field changes and additional expenses, as needed, for the Bunker Renovation Project at Armitage Golf Club at an amount not to exceed $15,000.00.

(j)    Approve Resolution No. 14-37 recognizing Austin Benham for obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

(k)    Approve Resolution No. 14-38 for Matt Kocsis.

(l)    Approve a request from Mechanicsburg Police Department to provide Hampden Township’s Special Fire Police for the October 14th Halloween Parade.

(m)    Discussion regarding draft submission of a Multi-Modal Grant Application with PennDOT.

(n)    Discussion regarding proposed community 5K race events.

(o)    Consider requests for donations from Cumberland Valley Boys’ Lacrosse and American Heart Association and a request for a waiver of the Good Hope Station Community Room rental fee from the Michaux Yellow Breeches Chapter of the PA National Wild Turkey Federation.

(p)    Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of September 2014.

(q)    Cancel the October 7, 2014 meeting with the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

10.    Legislative Update

11.    Commissioners

12.    Solicitor’s Report – Keith O. Brenneman

13.    Executive Session (if needed)

14.    Adjournment