Agenda Meeting – Room 202
October 29, 2014            7:30 p.m.

1.    Call to Order by President Bienstock – Proof of Publication

2.    Pledge of Allegiance

3.    Presentation from Susquehanna River Basin Commission

4.    Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

5.    Public Hearing No. 1
Request for consideration for a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment by Keys Pealers, LTD (Pealer’s Flowers) and other property owners amending Chapter 27 of the Hampden Township Zoning Ordinance.

6.    Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the October 2 Agenda Meeting Minutes, October 2 Workshop Meeting Minutes, October 15 Workshop Meeting Minutes and October 22, 2014 Workshop Meeting Minutes.

7.    Planning Commission
(a)    Final Land Development/Subdivision Plan for Mechanicsburg Family Dentistry, located at 4824 and 4826 East Trindle Road, 1 Lot, 1.869 acres (after subdivision), zoned A-O-L, owned by Spirit Master Funding VI, LLC, and Harry and Phyllis Hershey, submitted by PennTerra Engineering, Inc. Planning Commission File# 14-09-01, with a time limit deadline of December 10, 2014.  The Planning Commission recommended approval contingent upon (1) Addressing all Township Plan Review Comments; (2) Addressing all Township Zoning Review Comments;        (3) Addressing all Cumberland County Comments; and (4) Approval by the Assistant Director of Public Works.
Waiver Requests Include the Following:
L.D.O. Section 304.3.A.1- Waiver from the submission of a Preliminary Plan.
L.D.O. Section 504.2.B-  Waiver from additional Right-of-Way.

(b)    Accept H. Edward Black and Associates, Ltd.’s proposal to approve a time
extension on the Preliminary/Final Subdivision and Land Development
Plan for Lot 10 at Cumberland Technology Park until July 2, 2016.

(c)    Accept Madden Engineering Service’s proposal to table the Jamestown
Square land development plan until further notice and approve a time extension on the plan until January 31, 2015.

8.    Zoning Hearing Board – November 19, 2014 – Cancelled

9.    Monthly Report from Police Chief Junkin

10.    Director of Public Works – Steven S. Campbell

(a)    Discuss the 2015 Cumberland County Yard Waste Equipment Agreement.

(b)    Authorize a reduction of the INSCO Insurance Services, Inc . Letter of Credit No. 587119S from $361,988 to $99,766.00 for work completed in association with  the Silver Creek at Hampden Phase III Project.

(c)    Ratify the Developer’s Agreement with Admiral’s Quay.

(d)    Monthly report from the Public Works Director.

11.    Township Manager’s Report – Keith B. Metts

(a)    Approve full time, regular employment for Police Chief, Steven Junkin, effective November 10, 2014, after successful completion of a probationary period.

(b)    Approve the 2015 Tentative Budget.

(c)    Authorize advertisement of an ordinace appropriating specific sums estimated to be required for the specific purpose of the municipal government during the year 2015.

(d)    Authorize advertisement of an ordinance fixing the tax rates, confirming sewer rates and adopting trash rates for the year 2015.

(e)    Task the Civil Service Commission with certification of an eligibility list to fill up to three Patrol Officer positions.

(f)    Approve the Proposal Letter from The PFM Group to serve as Independent Financial Advisor for Hampden Township with respect to the potential upcoming financing for capital projects.

(g)    Authorize a contract with Pennsylvania Telephone Products to install a phone and voicemail system at Sporting Hill Station at a cost not to exceed $6,350.00.

(h)    Discuss the 2015 Township Meeting Schedule.

(i)    Discussion regarding the Mixed Use Overlay Zoning District and Comprehensive Plan.

(j)    Discussion regarding 2014-2015 Junior Commissioner Program.

(k)    Consider requests for donations from Cumberland Valley Eagle Foundation.

(l)    Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of October 2014.

(m)    Cancel the November 4, 2014 meeting with the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 25, 2014.

12.    Legislative Update

13.    Commissioners

14.    Solicitor’s Report – Keith O. Brenneman

15.    Executive Session (if needed)

16.    Adjournment