Agenda Meeting – Room 202
November 24, 2015 7:30 p.m.


1. Call to Order by President Bienstock – Proof of Publication

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Swearing in of Patrol Officers

Derek Day
Michael McIntyre

4. Public Hearing No. 1

Request for a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to allow Microbreweries and Brew Pubs as Permitted Uses in the Commercial Limited, Commercial General and Commercial Park Limited Zoning Districts.

5. Public Hearing No. 2

Request from 4444 Osteria Carlisle Pike, LLC for an Economic Development Liquor License.

6. Presentation by Chris Bauer of Herbert Rowland and Grubic Inc. – Traffic Signal Design for St. John’s Church and Industrial Park Roads

(a) Affirm the Township’s action to request approval of a Highway Occupancy Permit associated with the project.

7. Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

8. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the October 27, 2015 Agenda Meeting Minutes.

9. Planning Commission

(a) Final Land Development Plan for 5600 Carlisle Pike, 1 lot, 16.19 acres, zoned Commercial General, owned by WRD Mechanicsburg, LP, submitted by WRD Mechanicsburg, LP. Planning Commission File# 15-10-02, with a time limit deadline of January 6, 2016. The Planning Commission recommended approval contingent upon (1) Addressing all Township Plan Review Comments; (2) Addressing all Township Zoning Review Comments; (3) Addressing all Cumberland County Comments; (4) Conversion of the two existing inlets at the Carlisle Pike driveway to water quality inlets; (5) Addressing sidewalks along property frontage; and (6) Approval by the Assistant Director of Public Works.

Waiver Requests Include the Following:

L.D.O. Section505.2.c – Waiver from requirement to provide sidewalk along all streets within the M-U Mixed Use Zoning Overlay District.
S.M.O. Section 303.A.2.ii – Waiver from Twenty (20) percent of existing impervious area, when present shall be considered meadow in the model for existing conditions.

(b) Discussion regarding the Official Map Proposed Schedule.

10. Discussion regarding a proposed 5K fund raising event for the Veteran’s Recognition Committee.

11. Discussion regarding a request to amend Township ordinances to regulate feral cats.

12. Zoning Hearing Board – December 16, 2015 – Cancelled

13. Monthly Report from Police Chief Junkin

14. Director of Public Works – Steven Campbell

(a) Approve Ordinance No. 2015-16 restricting on-street parking along the east side of 38th Street.

(b) Results of a traffic study at Gleim Court and Caissons Court.

(c) Discussion regarding a traffic study at the intersection of Francis Drive and Jennifer Circle and the intersection of Jerusalem Road and Rivendale Boulevard.

(d) Deny the reduction request for INSCO Insurance Services Letter of Credit No. 587119S for Silver Creek at Hampden. Improvements not completed in accordance with Township regulations.

(e) Authorize the reduction of Bryn Mawr Trust Letter of Credit No. 888 for Admiral’s Quay from $400,571.00 by the amount of $291,250.00 for work completed in accordance with Township regulations.

(f) Authorize the reduction of Fulton Bank Letter of Credit No. D006647 for Shepherd’s Crossing from $339,933.77 by the amount of $45,559.00 for work completed in accordance with Township regulations.

(g) Request authorization for a reduction in the Irrevocable Letter of Credit posted by S&T Bank on behalf of Mount Zion Associates to $217,533.20 in accordance with execution of the Road Participation Agreement.

(h) Update on the 2015-2016 Road Resurfacing Project.

(i) Monthly report from the Public Works Director.

15. Township Manager’s Report – Keith B. Metts

(a) Accept the notice of retirement from Steve Campbell, Public Works Director, effective January 5, 2016, approve Resolution No. 2015-40 recognizing his years of service and authorize advertisement to fill the vacant position.

(b) Approve conditional appointment of recommended applicant to the position of Maintenance Worker I, Public Works Department, Grade 3 to serve a six-month probationary period.

(c) Task the Civil Service Commission with conducting oral exams and certifying an eligibility list for a vacant Patrol Officer position.

(d) Adopt the 2016 Budget.

(e) Adopt Ordinance No. 2015-17, an ordinance fixing the tax rates for the year 2016, adopting sewer rates, confirming trash rates and confirming adoption of the Hampden Township Code of Ordinances to be effective January 1, 2016.

(f) Adopt Ordinance No. 2015-18, an ordinance appropriating specific sums estimated to be required for the specific purpose of the municipal government during the year 2016.

(g) Approve Resolution No. 2015-37, a resolution establishing fees for various Township services and building and land development/subdivision fees for 2016.

(h) Approve the 2016 Employee Compensation Package and Employee Benefits Package and authorize associated changes to Appendix A of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.

(i) Approve the 2016 Municipal Domestic Animal Protective Service Agreement with the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area.

(j) Approve the 2016 Meeting Schedule.

(k) Discussion regarding a Multimodal Grant for a Hampden Township Road Resurfacing Project and approve Resolution 2015-38 regarding the Township’s funding commitment.

(l) Approve Resolution 2015-39 appointing alternate members to the Hampden Township Planning Commission.

(m) Approve Resolution No. 2015-36, recognizing Jacob Kautz for obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

(n) Recommendations for the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Outstanding First Responders.

(o) Adopt Monday, October 31, 2016 as Trick or Treat Night for Hampden Township.

(p) Discussion regarding 2016 Fun Food Fireworks Event.

(q) Approval of Pennsylvania State Association of Township Commissioners 2016 Dues.

(r) Approve a five year lease for copiers with Capital Business Systems and DeLage Laden Financial Services, Inc. conforming to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State/Local Government and Co-Stars Contract pricing effective January 1, 2016 contingent upon Solicitor review and approval.

(s) Discussion regarding submission of a Transportation Alternatives Program Grant through PennDOT.

(t) Discussion concerning the Township’s Insurance Policy and available Terrorism Coverage.

(u) Discussion regarding a changeable message sign for use by Hampden Township and Sporting Hill Elementary School.

(v) Consider request for a waiver of rental fees from New Hope Ministries for use of the Hampden Park, a request for a donation from Shaull Elementary School and the Hampden Aquatic Club for use of the pool.

(w) Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of November 2015.

(x) Cancel the December 1, 2015 and December 29, 2015 meetings with the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on Monday, January 4, 2016.

16. Legislative Update

17. Commissioners

18. Solicitor’s Report – Keith O. Brenneman

19. Executive Session (if needed)

20. Adjournment