Agenda Meeting – Room 202
November 25,2014 7:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order by President Bienstock – Proof of Publication

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Presentations to the following individuals:
1) Matt Kocsis
2) Tony Toter
3) George Broaddus

4. Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.

5. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the October 29 Agenda Meeting
Minutes, November 19 Workshop Meeting Minutes and November 20,2014
Workshop Meeting Minutes.

6. Planning Commission
(a) Accept H. Edward Black and Associates, Ltd.’s proposal to approve a time
extension on the Preliminary/Final Subdivision Plan for Cumberland
Tech Park until April 21, 2015.
(b) Discussion regarding proposed text amendment to Hampden Township
Zoning Ordinance Chapter 27, Part 17, Section 1721 adding new
definitions for Interchange Commercial Park and New Regulations for
Signs within an Interchange Commercial Park.
Agenda Meeting Agenda November 25, 2014
(c) Discussion regarding proposed text amendment to Hampden Township
Zoning Ordinance Chapter 27, Part 2, Section 202 adding a new definition
for Contractors’ /Lawn and Garden Equipment Sales and Service, and Part
14, Section 1403 as Subsequently Amended, Permitting Contractors’ /Lawn
and Garden Equipment Sales and Service in the C-PL, Commercial- Park
Limited District.

7. Zoning Hearing Board – December 17, 2014 – Cancelled

8. Monthly Report from Police Chief Junkin

9. Director of Public Works – Steven S. Campbell
(a) Discussion regarding results of a speed survey along Creekview Road.
(b) Discussion regarding an Engineering Services Proposal for Traffic Signal
Permit Revisions at Lamb’s Gap Road and Creekview Road from Grove
Miller Engineering, Inc.
(c) Authorization to advertise a Request For Proposals for 2015 HVAC
Preventative Maintenance Services at all Township facilities.
(d) Authorize issuance of Notice of Award, Agreement and Notice to Proceed
to Kappe Associates for Contract No. 2014-07 for the Purchase of 50 Trojan
Ultra Violet Lamps 4000 Plus or Equal at a cost of $19,100.00, contingent
upon review and approval of bonding, insurances and contract agreement
by staff and Solicitor.
(e) Authorization to advertise bid specifications for HVAC upgrade at
Armitage Golf Club.
(f) Request authorization for a reduction in the Irrevocable Letter of Credit
posted by Integrity Bank on behalf of Mount Zion Associates in an
amount equal to $311,799.76 in accordance with execution of the Road
Participation Agreement.
(g) Discussion regarding the Chesapeake Bay Pollution Reduction Plan.
(h) Discussion regarding proposed 2015/2016 paving projects.
(i) Authorize reduction of Integrity Bank Letter of Credit No. 1392 from
$577,459.30 to $123,982 for work completed in association with the Hawks
Landing Development.
(j) Monthly report from the Public Works Director.

10. Township Manager’s Report – Keith B. Metts
(a) Accept the retirement of Thom Kautz from the Public Works Department
effective December 31,2014, approve Resolution No. 14-41 recognizing his
service, and authorize advertisement to fill the position.
(b) Recommendation to conditionally appoint up to two Patrol Officers in
accordance with the October 31,2014 Certified Eligibility List.
(c) Approve Resolution No. 14-42, seeking the removal of Dennis Morris, Jr.
from the Hampden Township Civil Service Commission Patrolman
Certification List dated October 31,2014, requesting that the Civil Service
Commission issue a revised Certified Eligibility List with Morris stricken
and authorizing the Civil Service Commission to employ Labor Counsel to
assist in this process, if necessary.
(d) Adopt the 2015 Budget.
(e) Adopt Ordinance No. 14-10, an ordinance fixing the tax rates for the year
2015, confirming sewer rates, adopting trash rates and confirming the
adoption of the Hampden Township Code of Ordinances.
(f) Approve Resolution No. 14-43, a resolution establishing fees for various
Township services and building and land development/subdivision fees
for 2015.
(g) Adopt Ordinance No. 14-11, an ordinance appropriating specific sums
estimated to be required for the specific purpose of the municipal
government during the year 2015.
(h) Approve the 2015 Employee Compensation Package and Benefits Package
and authorize associated changes to Appendix A of the Personnel Policies
and Procedures Manual.
(i) Approve the 2015 Municipal Domestic Animal Protective Service
Agreement with the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area.
(j) Approve Resolution No. 14-44 recognizing Mitchell R. Kleist for obtaining
the rank of Eagle Scout.
(k) Ratify Resolution No. 14-39 recognizing Tony Toter for his years of service
with Meals on Wheels.
(l) Accept the resignation of Philip Klotz from the Planning Commission,
effective April 30, 2015 and approve a resolution recognizing his years of
service to Hampden Township.
(m) Discussion regarding the 2015 Appointments and Reappointments to
various Boards and Commissions.
(n) Discussion regarding the Township’s 2015 General Liability Insurance
Policy and Cyber Liability Insurance Policy.
(0) Approve disposal of documents in accordance with the Township’s
records retention policy.
(p) Consider adoption of 2015 Trick or Treat Night.
(q) Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of November 2014.
(r) Cancel the December 2,2014 meeting with the next regularly scheduled
meeting to be held on Tuesday, Ianuary 6, 2015.

11. Legislative Update

12. Commissioners

13. Solicitor’s Report – Keith O. Brenneman

14. Executive Session (if needed)

15. Adjournment