Agenda Meeting – Room 202
July 2, 2015 7:30 p.m.

1. Call to Order by President Bienstock – Proof of Publication
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Audience Participation – Any item off the agenda.
4. Approval of Minutes – Motion to approve the May 28, 2015 Agenda Meeting Minutes, June 2, 2015 Workshop Meeting Minutes and June 2, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes.
5. Planning Commission

(a) Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Drive Time Auto Company, LLC, located at 6230 and 6240 Carlisle Pike, 2 lots, 2.85 acres, zoned Commercial General, owned by Howard and Randall Hirsh, submitted by PennTerra Engineering. Planning Commission File#
15-06-01, with a time limit deadline of September 9, 2015. The Planning Commission recommended approval contingent upon (1) Addressing all Township Plan Review Comments; (2) Addressing all Township Zoning Review Comments; (3) Addressing all Cumberland County Comments;
(4) Evaluating access to Simie Street; and (5) Approval by the Assistant Director of Public Works. – TABLED BY APPLICANT

Waiver Requests Include the Following:

L.D.O. Section 304.3.A.1 – Waiver from Preliminary Plan.
(b) Accept Yingst Engineers & Associates, Inc. proposal to table the Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan for Islamic Center of PA until further notice and approve a time limit extension on the plan until
August 31, 2015.

(c ) Approve the written decision granting conditional use approval to
Cumberland Valley School District.

(d) Request consideration for a Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment by
the Co-Trustees of the V. David Thompson Disclaimer Trust and other
property owners amending Chapter 27 of the Hampden Township Zoning

(Staff recommends referring to Planning Commission)
(e) Request consideration for a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment by Smith/Packett amending Chapter 27, Part 9, Section 903, Permitted Uses for the Office Park Zoning District and Part 2, Section 203, Specific Words and Phrases of the Hampden Township Zoning Ordinance.
(Applicant requests referral to the Planning Commission
and Scheduling a Public Hearing for August 27, 2015)
6. Zoning Hearing Board – July 15, 2015 – Cancelled
7. Monthly Report from Police Chief Junkin
8. Director of Public Works – Steven S. Campbell

(a) Declare as surplus the 2000 KME Renegade XLFD Walkaround Heavy Rescue and adopt Resolution No. 2015-21, a resolution authorizing the sale of surplus Township property and authorize advertisement for bids.

(b) Award a contract for professional services for the maintenance of Township-owned traffic signals to Pennsylvania PERCS, Inc. at an annual cost of $6,520.00.

(c) Approve Resolution No. 2015-19 for Whitetail Crossing regarding dedication of streets contingent upon submission of a 5 year maintenance security.

(d) Approval of a Grant of Right of Way Agreement with PPL.

(e) Discussion regarding Stormwater Utility Fee.

(f) Discussion regarding results of speed limit study for Mountainview Road between Technology Parkway and Orr’s Bridge Road.

(g) Discussion regarding adjustment to bonding amounts for roadways proposed to be dedicated to the Township.

(h) Monthly report from the Public Works Director.
9. Township Manager’s Report – Keith B. Metts

(a) Accept the retirement of Ken Good from the Public Works Department Wastewater Division effective August 18, 2015, approve Resolution No. 15-22 recognizing his service and authorize advertisement to fill the vacant position.

(b) Authorize the hiring of part-time Emergency Medical Technicians and seasonal Public Works and Recreation Department employees upon satisfactory completion of a background check.

(c) Ratify Resolution No. 2015-18 for the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Grant for the development of a Veterans Recognition Memorial Park.

(d) Discussion regarding the 2015/2016 Hampden Township Emergency Medical Services Membership Program.

(e) Discussion regarding Affordable Care Act reporting requirements and a 3rd Party Services Agreement with Worxtime.

(f) Discussion regarding 2015 Land Partnerships Grant Application and the Cumberland Valley Visitors Bureau Grant.

(g) Approve Resolution No. 2015-20 recognizing the retirement of Captain Timothy W. Colyer from the Naval Supply Systems Command, Business Systems Center.

(h) Discussion regarding appointment of a Township resident as the Fredricksen Library Representative with a term to expire
December 31, 2015.

(i) Discussion regarding the Multimodal Transportation Fund grant program.

(j) Discussion regarding Diller Transfer Station’s permit for processing recyclables.

(k) Declare as surplus two security cages and rear seat protectors from police cruisers to be sold at the CAPCoG Auction.

(l) Approve a request from East Pennsboro Township Fire Police for assistance from Hampden Township Fire Police for various special events.

(m) Consider request for a waiver of rental fees from National Wild Turkey Federation for use of the Good Hope Station Community Room and from Halav Lav Dance Ministries International for use of the Hampden Park picnic pavilion and walking trail and a donation of a family pool pass to the Hampden Township Veteran’s Recognition Committee.

(n) Approve the Warrants Payable for the month of June 2015.

(o) Cancel the July 7, 2015 meeting with the next regularly scheduled meeting to be held on July 30, 2015.
10. Legislative Update
11. Commissioners

(a) PSATS’ 2015-2016 Policy Statement.

(b) House Bill 1082 – Jake Schwab Workers’ Safety Bill

(c) Senate Bill 356
12. Solicitor’s Report – Keith O. Brenneman
13. Executive Session (if needed)
14. Adjournment