PennDOT and Hampden Township have approved the extension of the temporary closure of Bali Hai Road at the request of Cumberland Valley School District so contractors can complete site work and utility relocation for a new middle school and elementary school.  The road closure and associated detour are a necessary component of the construction of the two new schools along Bali Hai Road.  The School District’s contractor anticipates the road closure being in effect through October 2017 dependent on weather and utility coordination.

The detour route will direct motorists to travel north on Sample Bridge Road or Lamb’s Gap Road to Wertzville Road and travel east/west to Lambs Gap Road/Sample Bridge Road to avoid Bali Hai Road.  A copy of the detour route is depicted below.  The detour is the based on traffic volumes, traffic patterns and ease of navigation for motorists.

The decision to approve the road closure was based on a number of factors to include:

JOB SITE SAFETY – While the closure will be inconvenient for some of the public for a short time, the motto “Safety First” is paramount.  There will be multiple contractors and subcontractors working on site concurrently towards an elementary school deadline.  In addition, there is a significant amount of earth moving activities to ready the building pads, relocate a portion of Bali Hai Road and to install utilities and stormwater facilities. This earth moving equates to 10,000 to 14,000 road crossings for Bali Hai Road at the front end of the project.

PUBLIC SAFETY – The temporary road closure was determined to be an effective manner to protect the public during construction of the site.  Cumberland Valley School District advises that buses will be able to pick up students at Bali Hai Road and Sample Bridge Road.  Throughout the project, Bali Hai Road will be kept open and accessible for first responders.

Detour Map – (View Map)

Questions about the Cumberland Valley School District’s project should be directed to the District’s Administrative Offices at 697-8261.